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How To Develop Your Home Page To Attract Maximum Subscription To Your e-Commerce Store?

Starting a business is not the toughest job, but making it run and grow is the toughest one. Many of the businesses have started up but within a specified time-frame, if they are not oriented, they are washed offshore by the tides of the competition. As a business owner, when you are switching to an e-commerce subscription based business, it is important that you have kept in mind important aspects. The pre-launch planning is the most important part when you want to create brand awareness and product demand. To help you get along with the prelaunch plan, you will have to think differently. It is important that you have made your website in such a manner that the visitors are able to get maximum information out of it. When you have designed a good landing page which can help you extract information, it can positively help you towards attaining the marketing objectives. A good home page can help you collect the email address, generate feedbacks and demonstrate the credibility to potential subscribers and influencers. To create a professional looking home page for maximum conversion, you will have to do the following things:

  1. Professional Logo: It is difficult to invoke trust in the customers. Most of the customers are already associated with some brands and they are always eager to go with them. If you wish to stand in the competition, in that case, it is important that you have to use a professional logo on your home page. For established businesses, it is comparatively easier to invoke the trust, but it is not the same with new business. The new business needs to make the business logo in such a way that it looks professional. The visitors can share their credentials on your website only when they are able to believe in you.
  2. Significant Images: At the time of visiting the store, the customers are always enchanted by the images and pictures. You will have to understand that good images can depict a strong message about the brand. The influence of the images on the mind of the customers is strong and it can readily effect their buying pattern. Supposedly, if you have used an image where the customer is thinking something and when he/she sees the product, the thought patterns have changed and they are content that a solution has been found. With such images, you can easily create a good influence on the customers and they will be ready to get associated with your store.
  3. Tagline: A good and catchy tagline would certainly strike the chord of the customers. For example, how you associate with Audi’s tagline—Vorsprung Durch Technik. The tagline goes ringing in your ear when you think about the brand. The same goes with other brands and with you also. When you want to create a positive influence on the customers, you can easily send the message through a catchy tagline.
  4. Crisp Description: You must go with a crisp description about the product. When you have given a good explanation of the products with all its varied features, it can easily connect with the customers and they can pick their choice accordingly. Nonetheless, you must understand that while providing the description, you must anticipate the visitor’s preferences and relate the features of the product with their anticipation. It will have a lasting impact on the visitor.
  5. Call-to-Action: It is important to make a call-to-action plan. The first exercise of the home page was tailored towards getting information and mail identities. With the mail identities, you can give shape to your marketing plan. Email campaigns can be easily generated to create brand awareness and demand for the product.
  6. Incentives: Not everyone would be interested to share their emails and phones numbers, you need to give them incentives for sharing their personal information. When you add incentives in the form of discounts and offers, however, the customers would be ready to share their credentials.

Social: Going social is of paramount importance. When you are there on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, more prospective customers can get associated with your store and it can help you build an image. With a good campaign, it will be simpler and easier to attract maximum leads.

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