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How To Bring Transparency To Your Brand?

How would you reach when you are able to see the brand logo of Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, Coco-Cola, you tend to associate with the same. The basic reason being the transparency which they have harbored all this while. The transparency is one of the many reasons which have helped build a better customer base for these brands. These brands have also run transparent campaigns on the social media which summarizes their brand perception, customer engagement and brand recognition. As a new e-Commerce business, it might take years since you have built such a repute, but small steps must be taken to achieve the ultimate objective. If you want to build your own brand on the social platform, there are few aspects which must be catered for. In this piece, you will come to know few aspects which can help you build your own brand easily.


When as a customer, you are reading a review, most of the times you would believe that it is false. But, what about word-of-mouth-publicity. In the market perception is all that matters. When the customers of your e-Commerce business would recommend others to purchase your products, it would help build a better brand image. Most of the times, the customers, if satisfied might turn to social media as well and share their experience. This practice can help you grow your brand and bring better transparency into practice.

Straight Forward interaction

A Satisfied customer is a myth, certainly when you are selling numerous products with numerous functionalities. You might not be able to satisfy each and every customer. It is very effective when you are able to interact with the customers and solve their problems then and there. When you are open to their suggestions and effectively remove all their doubts and grievances, it would help the customers to build your brand effectively. Transparency is a tough pursuit, you need to sacrifice a lot to earn it. As an e-commerce store owner, you should be ready for the same.

Making It Personal

You can connect with the customers adequately when you are able to make your store personal. To make the store personal you can post images of the store, opt for questionnaire, include FAQs and this way the customers can easily interact with the company. This is the best way which can help the customers easily interact with the brand and create a better brand image.

Admit Failures

Nobody is perfect, not even your products which you sell through your online store. You cannot succeed in all the attempts, it is good if you are able to embrace the failures and publish them on the social platforms as well. This would help the customers create a better image about your company. A company who can readily accept the failure would be willing to work on them and emerge victorious. This is the best way which can help your brand grow.


Make your social platform interactive. It is important that you are there to respond every time when the customers are posting any queries or they need an instant information on anything. With the right interactive platform used to showcase the brand, a greater transparency can be achieved.

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