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How To Attract Maximum Traffic At Your Online Store?

After you have shifted from your brick and mortar shop to a fully revolutionary e-commerce store, the first and foremost concern would be to attract more traffic. Even though you have the best store but without traffic, it ain’t going to leave an impression on the competition these days. With good amount of traffic, you can not only increase the return on investment, but also attract Google towards your business. Google is always approaching those websites whose traffic has shown an unprecedented rise, you can be the one to attract maximum traffic with the following strategies.

Social Media ads

Social media is a revolutionary platform where you can communicate with your end users and generate maximum business by resorting to attractive campaigns. You can resort to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube to increase the traffic at your store.

For Facebook

Facebook is almost a country with over 1.65 billion users. You can reach to new customers and please the existing ones with upfront communication on Facebook. The advantage which you get on Facebook is robust advertising platform. You can easily target your niche market based on interest, behavior, location. With the help of Facebook dynamic ad, you can easily reach out to the customers who have visited your website/store back in the past. You can attract such customers to the store and also their prospective leads. Those customers can also act as your referral chain based on which you can further increase the traffic on your store.

For Instagram

Instagram is a young platform with the users ranging in between the age bracket of 15-35 years. Such an age bracket attracts maximum consumption traits. Instagram has also added a slew of tools on their platform to help the business owners effectively advertise. With effective Instagram advertisement, businesses have amassed a whopping $2.81 billion and counting. With such a record, Instagram has already left behind its competitors Google and Twitter, so if you haven’t well wired with Instagram and you have not been positing images and videos on Instagram, you have been losing a lot of revenue all this while.

For Pinterest

Pinterest has been known to create an influential impact on the purchasing habit of its users. Going by the statistics, 93% of the Pinterest users have used this platform to plan out their purchase, whereas, 52% have actually made a purchase after seeing an ad on Pinterest. Pinterest has a vibrant section with DIY crafts, home décor, fashion and if you are doing your business in the same niche, this could be an effective platform on which you can lay the wreath of your business. Pinterest has Pins platform which has been known to push ads to the users of Pinterest who are interested in the same niche. This helps in creating better purchase decision and attract traffic on your web-store.

SEO as a Tactics

Keywords are the essence of searches. Most of the customers have been looking forward to their phones whenever they want to purchase any product or avail the services. With the help of SEO, fine-tuning of the website can be done and this will always put your store in the search results, thereby initiating greater conversion rate and maximum traffic.

Use of Influencers

There are many ways based on which you can increase the traffic and generate greater return on investment, but influential marketing partakes all of them. Influencer marketing has been accepted as a tectonic shift to bring greater brand transparency and improvised trust among the customers. When you are using the influencer marketing, it is easier to leverage on the trust of the influencers and based on that reputation, you can easily let the business grow. It is a given fact that word-of-mouth-publicity is believed to have a greater impact on the customers. With influencers, when a celebrity has been promoting a product, it will certainly direct the customers towards that product.


Contest and Giveways

Business is all about being patient and waiting for the right moment, but if you need instant returns, in that case, you will have to proceed with the investment. Incentivization is one of the ways based on which you can instantly attract traffic at your store. When you step-in with contests and give-ways, bonuses, discount cards, prizes at your store, it will certainly attract the traffic over there and you can easily get a better conversion rate. It is advisable that whenever you are conducting campaigns or competition to provide benefit to the customers (existing and potential), going on the social platform will have a better influence and greater conversion rate.

Content Marketing

Most of the customers have been going through a lot of trouble and they want a solution for such troubles. With the help of content marketing, you can easily attract customers to your store. Use of videos, podcasts, guides and e-books can easily help the customers land at your store. When you have been giving them informative content in the form of DIYs, ways to better their lives, this will easily help you get maximum traffic at your store. you shouldn’t be always promotional however, but turning informative and promoting your product in the garb of the information should be your objective.

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