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How to Buy Online Feature offers better Show-rooming of products for retailers

The online trend has set in a new marketing paradigm. With Christmas knocking on the door, show-rooming is highly in practice, enticing customers from across the globe. Under a majority of instances, it has been found that several customers frequently pay a visit to physical stores just to check out the products available. Later on, most of them buy the same products over the internet. This seems to have become a major challenge for retailers these days. Show-rooming as sales experts call it is a highly functional approach towards effective merchandising. While this practice is setting new trends into the market, retailers and wholesalers are simultaneously facing major challenges, show-rooming accompanies.

Competition has become cut-throat with brands trying to surpass each other with better line of products and services. However thoughtful implementation of retailing can boost merchandising to a great extent. Through this approach you can reach out to the mass with your bottom line. Most merchants wonder if show-rooming can work well for retailers. In order to overcome the challenges, ecommerce platform Cartface has come up with a POS that will help retailers drive attention towards products and services.

The Cartface POS comes with a buy online feature, which recognises the conventional shopping experience. This feature has been launched to allow customers purchase whatever they wish and whenever they want. The best part is that your customers can now try your merchandise in real, without buying it instantly or post they have tried it out. The main aim of implementing this feature is to authenticate your brand value online. It helps make a one-to-one approach. The entire process is based on an extremely contemporary concept of attracting customer attraction.

With the online buy feature, retailers are able to benefit customers in a million ways. From home delivery, line-ups to store inventory related problems, merchants do not have to face any issue pertaining to these areas of difficulties. With such a dynamic feature, customers are able to purchase whatever they want, while merchants are able to earn more leads.

The Buy Online feature is exclusively meant for an enhanced customer experience. It has now been enabled to work on iPads. The Online Buy feature is meant to generate hard-core sales, while letting customers experience the feel good factor of shopping. At first the sales persons approach the customer base with the “no-clause” shopping experience. The staff create the online cart for customers as they visit the website. This is followed by sales experts emailing the target with an aim to convince them into making a purchase. The entire process takes place seamlessly.

During the process, the staff takes up actions like the following:

  • Including customer related information to the database
  • Mentioning tax exemptions
  • Mentioning discounts
  • Mentioning shipping rates

The operations take place to enhance the customer’s experience while he is about to shop a product from the store. Whether the purchase happens online over a smartphone or an iPad, the Buy Online feature from Cartface benefits customers as well as retailers in multiple ways.

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