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How Product Image Can Manipulate Your Business Graph in Ecommerce

While developing and launching an ecommerce has become simpler and more affordable than ever with several ecommerce builders, many sites aren’t getting right sales  – just because of proper quality image. Why? Read this blog.


Every online business owner wants a vibrant look of their ecommerce and designers spend a lot of time developing a stunning layout. Yes, a visual impression is a must. But, is that all that will propel your business? Probably not! You need to invest good effort showcasing premium quality product images. It has even more value than having a gorgeous overall look of your shopping site. But what kind of product image should you use? Here is a guidance.


No Googled Imaged

Google is a good source of free images. But, using them can lead to copywrite issue. Also, an image in your website that is easily available in the internet decreases your brand value drastically. So, it’s always recommended to use your own images shoot by professionals. It gives you a prominent identity in the market and helps you get custom type of images. Also, you can buy images from different image websites, if they provide image for products that you sell.


Bigger is Better

Visual effect has more power to convert a visitor than text. So, utilise this trick and pack your site with bigger images. If you have lots of information on the page and you don’t have an option to assign more space for image, add some on-hover zooming tool. It should be fast loading and non-disturbing. There are several zooming tools available for free and if you are using Cartface website builder as your ecommerce platform, you can get it pre-installed.


No Compromise with Quality

Too many images can make your site slow. It’s right. But, at the same time, uploading poor quality dull images will cause total failure of your business. So, what’s the solution? Well, there are several options that you can use. Here are some for you:

  • Compress images before uploading
  • Use lazy loader to reduce server load
  • Rent dedicated server for improved performance
  • Compress coding and use cache function


Well, depending upon the situation and website structure, some more methods can be implemented; but that needs custom analysis. If you are using and ecommerce software builder like Cartface, probably, you won’t face any such issue as most of their templates have inbuilt features for these.


Use Multiple for Single Product

When a person visits a physical store, they check several things of a product themselves. Give your visitors the same experience with images from multiple angle of the products. For certain products it’s better to give image of the package, product, accessories as well as with some models. If you don’t sell your own products, you can get rid of the headache by asking your co-vendors to provide image as per your website’s standard format.


It is true that for small and medium entrepreneurs it is often an extra burden on their budget. But, when this little expense can assure you a better sales, doesn’t it make sense to make this one-time investment?

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