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How Google Analytics Intelligent Filters Can Help You Store Grow?

Summary: In pursuit of growing your store, you can easily achieve that when you are made aware of the little but considerable changes that you can make to power up your venture.

The race of dominance on the online platform will never end but you can always do one thing to be competitive in the race, run faster than your competition. With no pun intended, with respect to the race mentioned in the above sentences, it has been talked about the latest race of being on the top of the results on the Search Engine Result Page. You give a great deal of efforts and analytics into blending the marketing mixture with keywords, trends, searches and other aspects, but overall scenario has been ignored quite often. In here you will get to know that tracking Google analytics might be a hard nut to crack every single time but moving forward with a brilliant idea will always keep you grow exponentially in the competition.

Spike in Traffic

With this hack you can easily get regular intimations on rise in the traffic with respect to the sessions. Even minute changes would be monitored by Google and it will be informed to you through mail. With such an improvised tracking you can easily find out how your campaigns have been delivering results and at the same time, if you have been running a campaign that has been slow towards progress you can inform the community that can best suit in the requirement with fliers and other stuffs.

No Traffic

This is a grim scenario and you need the right tools to help you figure out the slump. In most of the cases it has been seen that as the downtime of the website falls, the traffic drops dramatically. If you are a store owner busy with your marketing and promotion and you need complete cognizance of the performance of your website on all the parameters with the help of no traffic updates, it will be efficiently handled and effectively mustered.

Drop in Average Session Duration

Average duration is the sum total of the amount of time and duration spent on the webstore of yours. In this type of alert specific problems are managed which have been omitted in the previous alerts. The main purpose of this event is to make sure that you are informed that your contents have not been yielding the desired results.

Spike in Revenue

This might be far-fetched but often the website owner might be content with the fact that the revenues have been on a growing trajectory and you need not worry about that in the long run. But such a behavior will put you into immense trouble. Without a proper monitoring system it will be hard to deal with the foreseeable future. You don’t know whether the steps that you have taken now will yield plausible result in the near future but with proper mechanism it will surely be considered as a force to reckon with.

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