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How Cartface proceeds with dynamic eCommerce plans


If an eCommerce business is all you are looking up at, then, you have stepped on to the right platform, and home to major eCommerce businesses- Cartface. We make your start up go smoothly and ensure keeping track of records. We give you an eCommerce platform with templates and features that are sincerely cut above class. Whether you are a start-up or a brand, recognized by the world, here is your chance to access:

• Multitude of store templates
• Layouts
• Colors
• Content

Most importantly Cartface paves way for a highly functional store front and backend, so that managing the massive number of business aspects becomes easier. To add to the bonus, with dynamic administrative strategies, Cartface goes an extra mile letting your website products become buyable on social networking podiums.

The robust platform is offering a wide range of reliable features which are aptly fitted into packages like the following:

• Base
• Pro
• Unlimited

These unique plans have been designed to cater tailored needs. While you may be looking for base facilities, some others may have higher requirements which are made available with the Pro and Unlimited packages. Since most of you must be having queries pertaining to the features and benefits offered by each package, here is a comprehensive note which will help you gain a better understanding on Cartface’s packages that are starkly different from one another.

The plans and their prices:

The Cartface eCommerce plans are unique in their own ways. while those who will like to stick to a stringent budget may opt for the Base plan which costs Rs.1499 per month, Rs. 16489 per annum and a onetime pricing cost of Rs. 50000 with additional 15% annual maintenance fee. The Pro plan which includes a greater number of offerings comes for moderate Rs. 2999 monthly subscription and a Rs. 32989 worth annual fee. The onetime fee charges around Rs. 74999, plus 15% annual maintenance charges. The third and elite plan which is named as the Unlimited eCommerce plan will entail the business owner to pay amounts according to tailored services. The custom pricing for monthly, annual and onetime fee depends upon whatever the entrepreneur is ordering for.

In general offerings:

These three eCommerce packaging may differ widely from one another with respect to different aspects. Like for example a dedicated IP can only be enjoyed by those seeking the Unlimited plan; purchasers of the base and pro plans are not allowed the same.

Ways to sell:

Considering the mode of marketing, Cartface offers its “Base”, “Pro” and “Unlimited” members a fully organized store set-up. The professionals work on the input these members provide. However members seeking the unlimited plan get an added perk as they are being promised point of sale facility, Facebook marketing, buy button benefits, marketplace order management, domestic marketplace listing, international marketplace listing, android app facility and iOS app development. Meanwhile, members of all three packages can seek benefits from creation of responsive mobile sites, offered by Cartface technicians.

Store management:

When you arrive at this point your general thoughts will demand you to know much about the space that will be made available to you by Cartface admin. Ecommerce business owners of all size can seek the benefits enlisted under this segment. When it comes to Base members they are allowed 1GB space for their online business, while those seeking the Pro plan will be allowed to explore 5GB space. The luckiest of them all are subscribers of the Unlimited plan who are given 15GB space. With respect to other offerings such as product import and export through CSV allowing quick upload of items on the website, manual order generation inclusive and exclusive of tax amounts, weight based shipping and discount code generation are being offered to all members irrespective of the package they have sought. Professional report roll-out a regular intervals and abandoned cart recovery are two benefits which are allowed to Pro and Unlimited plan subscribers.


Today’s eCommerce businesses have rarely got anything to do without shipping. While manufacturing is truly important, so is shipping. Ecommerce store owners seeking Unlimited package can enjoy everything entailed in the shipping criteria which starts from simple shipping, real time carrier shipping, domestic + international shipping, and automated shipping along with multiple pick-up locations. Keeping aside the simple shipping facilities, Base and Pro customers are not allowed any other benefit, lest they upgrade their subscription to the Unlimited package.


There is good news for subscribers of all three variants of eCommerce plans, Cartface gives you the opportunity to customize at different levels. All customers are allowed to pick themes from the theme library, edit or add codes to the HTML and CSS coding from the Admin section.


In this age of digital marketing Cartface has managed to remain as dynamic as ever. The automated facilities include plugins and applications which generate SEO friendly URL and keywords. Considering the fact that whatever goes online has to be picked by the search engine, Cartface has introduced various implementations helping eCommerce businesses grow from a seed of a concept to an enterprise. Besides, on-page optimization of eCommerce stores along with website and blog updates coupled with Google Analytics and eCommerce tracking fall among the multitude of offerings. Best of all subscribers of these three distinct eCommerce plans can avail such benefits.


Cartface ignores differences and hence makes its invaluable support available to all. Subscribers can seek information from its diverse knowledgebase and learn about the minutest thing involved in successful eCommerce piloting. Besides there is a 30 day basic on-board assistance aided with 24×7 email support in order to help startup companies get a hang of the eCommerce world. There is also a dedicated account manager which basically keeps record of the inventory and invoices generated. The transactions are all recorded digitally on behalf of businessmen who are also maintaining an offline presence. If a customer buys a product from the offline store, the transaction is immediately recorded and the inventory is updated accordingly. Business owners can also benefit from the training sessions offered. These offerings are being promised to subscribers irrespective of whether they have subscribed for the Base, Pro or Unlimited subscription.

However, Cartface has strictly made its information available to all eCommerce business holders, the fact that the offerings depend upon the package subscribed. In case if a Base customer wants to add certain features which are not mentioned in the package, he will be given the benefit of enjoying a particular feature which will be provided in mode of a plugin. The individuals will have to explore from the multiple choices from the Cartface Plugins store. In case of a tailored choice, which is not mentioned in the list of Cartface plugins store, the business owner will have to brief the engineers on his customized requirements as the professionals would work on them in order to bring before the customer, a perfect solution.

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