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How Cartface Ecommerce Platform Beats Its Competitors

So many choices often make people confused! Same is true when you plan for developing an ecommerce with the help of any website builders. Every platform is trying their best to provide rich user experience and easy management – but still no one is free from disadvantages.


While there are several estore builders out there and many are rated good, today we’ll do a side-by-side comparison on the pros and cons between Cartface and one of its top competitors


What is The Current Position of Cartface in Market

Cartface is a young platform with lots of solid features and functions for DIY ecommerce website development which has attracted huge number of entrepreneurs for its easy development and management process and low cost. The platform provides highly engaging and slick themes for various businesses domains with 14 day free trial. While there are several top rated ecommerce website development brands, it is outperforming for its highly affordable packages and exclusive customer-grabbing features specially designed for the Indian market.



Though Cartface is new compared to those of the established brands, it has made a stable space among the small and medium businessperson for its super-affordable packages which starts as low as Rs.750 per month, while one of our top competitors demands almost Rs.2,000 per month for the Standard package.


Signup Gift

For those who has an immediate plan to start their online shop may take advantage of an amazing offer where they will get a Card Swipe machine for free with Cartface Lite package. As a bonus they will also get comprehensive POS tools and mobile-app that comes bundled with the package. The upsetting news is no other ecommerce website builder provides such welcome offer.


Promotion Opportunity

While many platforms offer various sales features, we focused specially on the promotion part as it’s highly important for any shopping site to make your business visible to the potential customers. Cartface offers you SEO friendly URL structure for all the pages and also provide integrated and easy to handle blog page that helps you to attract huge genuine traffic without spending on SEO.


Ease of Use

Many platforms provide slick, engaging and attractive theme for the visitors. But, what about the admin panel? Yes, it is important because the Admins of such websites aren’t coders and thus it matters how easily they can upload products, set offers, make changes on deals and process orders. As per our expert’s review Cartface got 4.5 out of 5 leaving several of the others far behind which clearly denotes that if you go for those, you have to spend a lot of time understanding the ‘how to’.


So, as per our overall assessment and review of the clients, we suggest startups with low or medium budget to opt for Cartface for its affordable packages, userfriendliness and of course the super deals.

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