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How Cartface Can Support Your Rugs Selling Demand?

Summary: Selling rugs on the online platform can be bettered when you have got the services of Cartface to upscale your sales.

Rugs have been known to add to the beauty and aesthetic of the house. Most of the people have penchant for different types of rugs. Whether it is Tabriz rugs or Fereghan Sarouk, they have been demanded by all the household to add into the fabrication and make the house beautiful. But most of the households are left with little or no time to spare on rugs which they wish to buy for fabrication. With stores turning online, the possibilities can be bettered for the sellers. But the question is how to make it happen in the best way. When you are with Cartface, you can easily give what it takes to sell in the best way possible.

How Cartface Can Help You Grow?

Optimized Interface

The interface must be such that customers are always attuned to the store. When the customers have found out that the interface of the store has been carefully planned and they are able to find out what they seek, it will have a better impact on the customers. Cartface works towards managing that state of the business and provides with ways which will attract the audience.

Customized Themes

The themes have to be customized and this can have a positive impact on the customers towards making the choices. With Cartface, you can easily get the opportunity to customize your theme as per your business. You can add those products in the theme window which have been experiencing a huge demand. With good themes, you can also include the product of the day and best deals. The essence lies in customer appeasement and retention and with good themes, it will certainly have a better impact on the decision making of the customer and the willingness to stay at your store.

Order Management

Cartface can also help you with the order management. Real-time stock valuation is important and when you have the best software which can easily do away with the hassles of the stock calculation, it will have a better impact on the sales. Acknowledging the customers about the product and the availability will always keep them updated.


The Support at the time of selling the rugs will always keep you attached with the customers. The Cartface platform has expert professionals who are always there to help you provide technical assistance during the time of the need.

App Feature

Another most advantageous feature of Cartface comes with app integration. You can integrate different apps at your store and enable the customers to have a wonderful experience shopping at the store. This functionality will always help you sell in the best possible manner.

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