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How Cartface Can Even Fuel Non-Product Industry?

Summary: Even those industries which don’t have product centric approach cab make millions when they partner with Cartface.

Going with the business that defies the product industry might be tough altogether, but when you have some bright ideas that can take your prospects to the next level, in that case, it is always worth the risk to go for it. In this blog you will come to know about few stuffs that you can easily sell on the Cartface platform even though they do not belong to the product industry.


At Cartface you cannot be just confined to the eye-gear but also sell services. You can tie-up with different refractionists and ophthalmologists to provide the services on the go. This will help the business to grow exponentially without any difficult whatsoever. By adding dynamic calendar and slot areas on the website of your business, you can easily give more opportunities to the customers to end up on the website and book for the services along with the eye-gear that they can avail in the near future. With more chances to go for up-sales, you can also offer free checkup with every eye-gear. This will take your business a notch higher in the competition and Cartface is there to help you play the game in the precinct of competition.


With the increased amount of stress exerted due to rigorous work pressure, you can work up the stress and destroy it with different activities. If you have been confined by the reach to connect with maximum audience, on the Cartface platform you can subscribe your membership and witness unprecedented enrollment. With simpler apps and widgets, the subscribers can anytime step in and get to do the stuffs that can wage war against the stress they have.


With technology proliferating at the speed of light, you can go ahead with remodeling your consultation services with an online experience. By partnering with Cartface, you can provide live streaming training, sessions and even counselling online. You can provide unprecedented assistance in the field of interior designing and help the clients to know more about the latest trends with smart maneuver on the tech front.

Digital Downloads

Even downloads pay and you should be on the right platform to ensure that. By partnering with Cartface and going proactive on its platform, you are always on the verge of getting lucrative benefits on the go. You can opt for music downloads, images download and wall paper downloads on the Cartface platform. The businesses can grow taking into consideration all the probable intricacies and making fortune out from it.

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