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How Cartface Apps Give a New Strength To Your e-Commerce Store?

As a business owner, if you wish to get maximum sales and profit, in that case, you must provide the best platform for your customers. Most of the customers are looking forward to a seamless platform where they can instantly opt for the purchase. As a store, you must give them such an opportunity and you can achieve the same through app integration. Cartface would help you give a new edge to the customers through their top app features. Take a look at the top apps which Cartface provides and once you integrate them on your e-Commerce platform, you can instantly give a new start to your store.


This app is truly unprecedented and it would allow the customers to opt for seamless payment gateway. You can add the points in the wallet and use them for making the purchase. This kind of function facilitates seamless payment mechanism. The users are always safe and secure whenever they are making the payment. They don’t have to reveal their financial details, thereby, the probabilities of information espionage is minimal and customers can get maximum benefit from the same.

Filter Menu

When customers are visiting your e-Commerce website, you must have the right functionalities to always make them stay. As a business, you must have the right infrastructure and functionalities to support the same.  When you integrate the filter menu on your website, the customers can easily segregate from an assorted array of products. They can instantly segment the options based on price and features, this would help the customers to frequently visit your e-Commerce website and make the most from the purchase experience.

Back In Stock Notification

Customer churning is the reality on e-Commerce platforms. Most of the customers are always willing to switch as and when required. They are just looking for the right opportunity. With back in stock notification, you can make the customers glued to your e-Commerce website. You can add attractive discounts on the products which are out of stock and ask the customers to install the back in stock notification app in their phone. They can use the app to get details about the stuffs whenever they are back in stock. This would to an extent reduce the customer churning and attract more traffic to your e-Commerce website.

Product Barcode

As an e-commerce store owner, you have to manage the stocks and it is a herculean exercise. But, with the right apps, you can make things happen. You can use the bar code scanner app and segregate the products based on their batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, prices and features. This app can easily help you manage your store with flamboyance and precision.

Deals of the Day

You can instantly takes the sales and profit to a new level when you can easily run the deals of the day. The store owners can customize few products as the deals of the day to kick-start the sales of such products. It can easily improve the traffic and strengthen the sales probabilities during a stipulated hour of the day.

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