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How Cartface Apps Can Help Your Store Grow?

Summary: With e-commerce turning proactive in the competition, it will certainly incentivize you to grow manifolds and earn a lot from the favorable atmosphere.

The evolution in the e-commerce segment has always surprised the businesses these days, with such an evolution the businesses are always inclined at changing their model. India is a huge market with over 1.25 billion population. Such a population has been connected with technology to further bolster their life. On an average, even if one out of five person of the population has been connected well with technology and they are ardent online shopper, you can estimate the good that they can do with your business. With such a dramatic turn-around in the e-commerce statistics which is on a growing spree from US$3.9 billion in 2003 to US%12.9 billion in 2013 and counting, you as a business deserve to claim your part of the share. With Cartface you can easily except to go online all equipped with latest functionalities. In Cartface platform, you can easily get the best way to build your website along with smart apps that will always keep you ahead.

Use of apps has been predominant and pervasive these days and as a person or a business, you would like the top apps to be integrated with your store. Cartface has delved into this fact and introduced top apps that will instantly power-up your web-store.


When the customers are there on your store, they are always looking forward to greater ease and lesser dependence. You can ensure that with this app as it will filter the products based on their prices. If a customer has a budget of RS.10000, in that case, they will be able to see the products which are in the range of between Rs.0 to Rs.10, 000. This can ensure smooth shopping experience with lesser bombardment of products on one single screen.

Product up-Sells

For the store owners it can be a win-win scenario with cross purchase effect happening in real-time basis. Customers are more likely to buy a product that will complete their main product. Suppose for example if you are buying a phone along with cover, it will incentivize you more to go for that offer. In such way, with the product up-sells app, you as a store owner can connect complimentary products and increase their sales by leaps and bounds.


Advertising is the core of the growth and what best can you ask for when you have an app that does it for you. Get this app which will bring you into notice in the competition and help you earn more when you have fine-tuned your ambitious growth chart. Get in touch with the right audience who are waiting for you in the competition.

Similar Product

This app can help you increase the sales of interrelated products. It is simpler and easier to increase the ambit of reach when you have preinstalled this app on your store. Get the customers to know what you have additional in your kitty.

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