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How Can You Attract More Traffic To Your e-Commerce Store?

When you have converted your physical store into an e-Commerce store, the first and foremost thing which you are concerned about is the sales and traffic. You would like to have a heavy traffic on your e-Commerce website. Now, everyone desires to have a flourishing business, but the pursuit can be fulfilled with hard-work and perseverance. As an e-commerce business, if you think that you have merely created the website and that is it all, in that case, you are terribly mistaken. You have to use the right mechanism to attract more customers and leads. This piece would help you understand the ways which can help you attract traffic and leads to your website.

Instagram Influencers

Gone are the days of Facebook, Instagram has emerged as a platform to be reckoned for promotion and marketing. The recent study conducted on the buying habits of the customers using the online platform summarizes an increasing influence of Instagram to help customers make a decisive choice. WEBSTA is a vibrant platform offered by Instagram which allows the e-Commerce store owners to pick the most relevant hashtag which would complement with their business. With such hashtags, you can easily run your own campaign and make fortune out of it. The probability of attracting the customers is huge with the Instagram influencers. When the customers would use the Instagram app on their phone, they would be able to get the insights about your business when the relevant hashtags are trending and it would easily help create a broad targeted niche for your services and products.

Content Management

Content is the key to get absolute success in the market these days. The age of content is redefining the business these days. The most informative content may dramatically improve your visibility. Well researched content with the right keyword usage along with SEO enriched outlook would easily help your customers reach your business. When you want to get maximum benefits from your business, a good blogging platform can help you instantly. When your blogs about your business would float on the web, it would help the customers looking for such products to reach your business easily.


Go Reddit Now. Most of the e-Commerce stores are maximum huge fortunes by going on the Reddit. Reddit provides insight information and relevant blogs are posted on Reddit. So, when you market your business along with blogs and SEO, there is a greater possibility for the customers to find you on Reddit. You have to be cautious though, since Reddit doesn’t allow advertising, you have to be cautious with the ad marketing.


Word of mouth marketing is not just physical, rather, it has taken a new turn around. Now-a-days, in the age of reviews, sharing and commenting about the business by customers, friends and families would definitely make your store visible. The more share and feeds they would promote, the better it would be for your business. You can easily adopt this trend in your marketing mechanism to take your business to a new level.


Twitter is an emerging platform and it can wield its influence to make and break a business. If you are selling any product, or if you have mastered in selling any particular product, the possibility of creating maximum customers would be easy and simple. When you have mastered in selling any particular product, you can share the pictures and customers feedback about that product on Twitter. The trends would help create a long list of followers and take your prospects to a new high.

Customer Engagement

You can write about the top Instagram, Twitter users who are availing your products. If you do so, it would help them get greater interpersonal touch and once you have acknowledged their contribution, they would be the biggest marketer of your product and it can easily increase the traffic on your website. Make sure that you are doing this to engage more traffic and leads on Twitter and Instagram.

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