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Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Startup Ecommerce Websites to Drive Huge Traffic


Shopping malls remain crowded across the year. But, not all the people are buyers; several come just to see products, ask price and just to pass time. Same goes to shopping sites. Still, your first target should be to attract visitors and keep them engaged with your site. As one day these visitors would convert into customers.


So, what is the secret to pull the traffic to your website? Well, there is seasoned marketers who can do it for you. But, are you prepared to pay a huge charge for their service? Are you ready to follow their costly branding and advertising tips? Probably, you have to go long before you can afford them.


So, how do those small and medium shopping sites manage to earn profit even in this time of crisis? Yes, there are some effective and easy-to-afford but slow processes. Here are a few of those which is very useful for any newly launched store.


Use Social Media

Social media is one of the simplest and cost-free method to promote your shopping site and create a brand awareness. While you may have gathered some knowledge about SEO from the digital marketing experts, social media is a friendlier way to attract and engage your target audience. As per a recent study, for consumer goods like garments, jewelries, appliances, electronic gadgets etc. targeting Facebook and Instagram gives 25% more response than Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus. However, for services and B2B products it is better to target Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus over the others.


Email Marketing

While some marketing executive says that the response rate of email marketing is less than 5%, the fact is you can reach your target audience directly through attractive email templates and explain your products in a better interactive way and still it is fully free of cost. So, there is no harm in investing some money on buying a database of target audience and sending them promotional offers in a regular interval. The best thing is a properly designed email can be highly effective to increase traffic and create loyal visitors, if not customers.



Social media and email marketing is direct way to attract visitors; but, it doesn’t give you any organic value in search engine. This is where blogging can be a great way to you great value in the long run. Just write some engaging long blogs on the products and services that you provide which genuinely give some information to your target audience and use keywords of your website in the content wherever it goes fine. Never copy any content from other web content which can penalize your website, neither put keywords forcefully just to get quicker result.


Hiring Digital Marketing Service

At times it may seem that you are not the right person to manage so much task on your own and you need some professional. So, it would be a good decision to hire a digital marketing expert who would analyze your website and take steps accordingly to promote your website organically. While startup companies may think it is too costly for their small business, the fact is, digital marketing ensures huge return on investment in a shorter time. Choice is yours.

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