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Get Crisp Write-Ups to Increase your Sales


Even as algorithms change, newer development and designs set in, content continues to rule the web world. While building an eCommerce website, the web layout may apparently seem like the most difficult aspect that needs all of your attention. The fact however may reveal something else. A gorgeous looking website with a superb interface may not be the only things that you need to focus on. Remember, this is an eCommerce website where people are going to visit with a purchase intent or at least want to view the products which will require them keeping an eye on the product details that you put up. though there is no doubt to the fact that a stunning design drives viewers, the little write ups you post against each product tends to hold your customers which has a lot to do with buying.

Why you need to introduce texts with images

After all more sales is all you must be looking forward to and sticking colorful pictures, lending a user friendly experience may help in driving attention though not all of it. According to a study crisp and detailed product descriptions are known to raise conversions by 100%. This basically indicates that images are not the sole factors to drive conversions. Since this is an online world where people need to rely on pictures and words, incorporating text that suffices to the product description, becomes a necessity.

Most importantly good texts will only add to an interesting ecommerce listing score. Also, you must remember the fact that poorly written descriptions can contribute to inconsistent results and visitors will simply refrain from viewing products you have put up on the site.

Some core things to consider as you display text

Before you begin penning content for each product, you need to keep it straight on your mind that the descriptions should not sound cheap and hence it should be devoid of the word “sales”. The entire impression will go wrong when you use the word that can spoil the mood almost instantly.

Sales is not liked

Do you know why sales people are mostly not liked? Simply because they tend to get overboard with the pushy approach. When you are describing a product don’t get too convincing. It seems to be the most stereotype of all.

While this is one of the most hated concept of sales, experts will like to experiment with a friendlier approach which will entail two people interacting on a friendly note, more like a conversation that ends up into fruitful sales. When you are into implementing words, ensure that they are put well into a sentence with no big noise of forcing anyone to buy a product.

Well described! Of course it’s workable

Since today’s customers are mostly driven to the web, they tend to seek ideas from beforehand, research on available resources and then hit the buy button. A well described product is often a good choice for online conversions.


Contemporary selling involves more of engagement than pitching. So, the more engaging the content the better it is for you to expect sales. The idea is not to push but to urge a consensual buy.

Incorporating emotional touch to write ups

You will be surprised to hear this but there can never be anything truer than the notion- purchase intent depends upon emotions. Yes, you have to hit at the soft spot, make your content a little emotional with a touch of the real. They say that when the sales intent is approached with a real life incident rather a story that looks real, people tend to get driven towards buys. Since most individuals buy products by logically depending on different aspects associated with a buy, it will be smarter if you consider giving a genuine touch. Thorough research on the subject led to findings that straight away point out the fact, emotions serve as primary decision maker in inducing a buy. One of the simplest ways to earn confidence of the customer base is by penning write-ups that directly relate to everyday happening which can actually help the buyer to re-count on some previous happening. This basically kindles emotions and lends a feel of association with an earlier occurrence. Don’t believe? Try it yourself. When a sales person converses with you on a friendly note, discarding a convincing tone you will naturally like to converse with the man.

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