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Entrepreneur’s Guide – 10 Things to Consider before Starting Their Ecommerce

A common belief is that upgrading your business from physical store to online means getting huge sales. Well, it is supposed to be, at least. But, your success is directly proportionate to your knowledge on eCommerce and strategy that you have developed.


As per experts, every year thousands of eCommerce websites are developed and launched worldwide and till the end of the year a large part of these new eCommerce get vanished from the web. While one of the reasons is the giant competitors; but that’s not the single reason. In fact, it is their lack of clear preparation that made their business flop. So, here are some tips for you so that your eCommerce also don’t add in this list.


What Product Should I Start With?

The foremost question every entrepreneur should ask themselves is the product they should sell through their ecommerce. While you can target everything under the Sun, it is better you start with the products you are confident in.


What Should be My Domain Name?

It isn’t something like naming your kid. You should keep other things as well in mind. First thing is the simplicity to pronounce and remember your company name. Second and mandatory thing is availability of domain name. And third and somehow important thing is the search engine friendliness. You would stay ahead in the competition if you choose instead of as your domain name, when your product is bag.


What Hosting Server is Best?

There are two aspects – performance and price. The heavier your site would be and the higher traffic it has to handle, the bigger your hosting cost would be. Being an eCommerce it is supposed that you will have to upload hundreds of product images and have to maintain huge customer data and thus you never should choose a cheaper and unsafe server.


How Would I Reach Products to Customer?

For local eCommerce it is very easy and good to provide personalized packing and delivering products themselves. It delights the customer and save your shipping and logistics cost. But, as your business grow, you need to find out efficient and cost effective shipping service provider and outsource the products for doorstep delivery.


How to Inform People about My Website?

We can assume that you already have consulted about the on-page optimization like improving site performance, optimizing the page content, setting the Meta data, and so on. But, you of course have to start an off page optimization and starting a blog site could be the simplest. You also need to take the social site in consideration and have to use it to its fullest capacity.


How to Handle Returns & Cancellations?

It’s all about your business ethics. You should avoid any legal dispute.  So, upload products after thorough quality verification and define the refund and cancellation policy clearly against each and every product. However, still don’t be surprised if you get some return and cancellation order and on that case try to resolve you the issues without any delay.


So, How to Start Everything?

For small and medium organizations Cartface has awesome themes which can be very useful to create stunning eCommerce website within 30 minutes. You don’t require any developer or pro knowledge. However, for high end shopping websites, it is better to hire any web design company and consult with them about the requirements and get it done.

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