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Email marketing is as important as optimising your website

With the increase in the digital platforms and mushrooming eCommerce websites of all kind, one needs to face a tough challenge while establishing the business. So, if you are looking to venture in any kind of eCommerce business it’s just not the retailers that you have to worry about, you have to face a tough competition with the eCommerce companies too.

In the present era, when the populace has the access to the internet quite easily, digital marketing especially the email marketing is a must to express your business. Even if you don’t undertake the traditional marketing processes it is mandatory to do digital marketing. While SEO, social media marketing, content posting attracts a lot of traffic, by sending emails, you are creating a personal bond with the customers.

Promotional and triggered email

Email marketing has gained importance as you can send a lot of information to the mass at one go. The promotional emails are sent to all the customers in a bulk irrespective of their needs. The triggered emails are personalised emails sent when a person visits the website and hover around the website checking out products in a specific category. These acts as remainder emails and may even offer for discounts to lure you into the bargain.

Preview the email before sending

Some of the tools available online give you the option to preview the email before sending them so that you can make sure that everything is in place. By these marketing tools, you can fix any errors and problems regarding domain and IP to make a perfect email.

Testing emails

A huge part of email marketing is the format of the email itself. Each and every part of the email should be alluring and eye-catching. Testing of the subject line and viewing of the email on the small screen of the smartphone so that noting important stays hidden are some of the tests which have to be done.

Addressing the public

A promotional email about your products should never be addressed formally. You are reaching out to the common public and so it should be informal. The emails should address them directly in simple language so that they can understand your objective.

One day bonuses

People nowadays are on their toes and their mobile gives them instant information on everything starting from nearby restaurants to online deals. In this scenario, it is better to give away short period deals rather than discounts for an extended time as this increases the chance of grabbing the attention of the customers. As most of the people surf the internet on their smartphone, by the one-day deals the potential customers would be able to surf through the website easily as the number of products is less.

Frequency of emails

Never hesitate to send frequent emails to your customer to promote your business. Some have the notion that sending frequent emails may tag you as a spammer but the spamming doesn’t work that way. You have the full right to send multiple emails to the customers who have opted to receive any kind of information from you.

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