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Ecommerce SEO reveals a lot more than you can think

Any business owner would consider the ecommerce SEO strategy in order to drive traffic. Now, this will call for mastering the strategy and implementing it thereafter. If you want to get a hold of ecommerce SEO or as they call it, the beginner’s guide can be of real help especially when it comes to grasping the jargons and the strategies involved in ecommerce marketing.

First and foremost, you must get an understanding of why SEO has connection with ecommerce. SEO or search engine optimization involves a whole lot of strategies behind generation of organic traffic to a website. All of this occurs on a search engine. Ecommerce SEO involves strategic implementation of skills that will help product or service pages rank among the top ten websites listed on the first page. This however points out that the greater the page number, the lesser would be the traffic driven to the website.

Even some years ago a research has shown that only a meagre 4.8% of viewers would prefer going to page 2. What about page 3? The numbers would lessen. Ecommerce SEO strictly talks about guaranteed footfall and conversions.

Keyword Research

In the first place SEO keyword research is important. This research involves identifying of high-value key phrases or search terms. Upon choosing these key terms you are able to know your potential customers. Keyword research is one of the key areas that can help generate traffic to a website. However, if you are concentrating on ecommerce keywords, then there is a little difference that you would need to consider. This is simply because a majority of websites emphasise on information rich keywords, whereas if your objective is business centric, you would rather want to look for commercial keywords.

Those searching for information keywords generally look up for information rich content. On the other hand, ecommerce websites only seem to care for commercial key phrases or terms that only reveal a sale intent.

The keyword research tool named, SEMRush

Keyword research which has become an integral part of the SEO business plan should be more commercial centric if it is about generating leads to your ecommerce website. Subscribing the SEMRush can prove beneficial as it is one of the most sought after tools available in the market. Suppose, you own an ecommerce store for apparel and accessories, the first thing for you to do is to incorporate the domain name of your ecommerce store on SEMRush. This action should be followed by selection of the “organic research” option available at left menu.

After this you can scroll down and look for all the keywords your website can rank for.  Now, you have got the metrics in your hand. So use it as much as you can. You can even look for the Competitors in the list and as you do that a huge list will be provided to you where you can see your competitor sites. Now, repeat the same for the top ranking competitors and find out the keywords for which they have ranked well on the search engine. Boom! You have done it!

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