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e-Commerce Website: The Do’s and Don’ts Which Can Help You Grow Your Business

“Two out of five customers interact with chatbots while performing a purchase.”

“60 % consumers have completed a “buy online” to “pickup in-store” purchase via mobile.”

“On an average, 90% of Amazon shoppers wouldn’t buy a product with 3 star”

“Over 40% of the customers engage with the business through a loyalty app”

The basic purpose of putting these facts under an exaggeration mode was to make the businesses believe the clout of e-Commerce website these days. As you must be aware by now that the influence of e-Commerce website on your business is unprecedented. Most of the consumers are fascinated by a good website and it plays a vital role in creating the right brand image. But if you are still alien to your e-Commerce website and you want the right avenues to go for an inception, in that case, there are certain dos and don’ts which you should follow religiously.

Do Test Your Product

Product is the key for the success of your business. Your business can only succeed if it is able to launch the right products. The product should be something which can bring about a change in the lives of the individuals. In order to find out about the utility and perfection of your product, the best way is to test it with the friends and families. You can get valuable feedback from them and based on those insights, you can better the product and figure out its effectiveness.

It is highly advisable that you conduct an in-depth survey to make sure that everything has been carefully scrutinized and you have availed the right product to the market for consumption.

Don’t: Assumption That Customers Will Find Your Website Will put you on Backfoot in the Competition

There is a general misconception among the e-Commerce business owners that if they have made a website for their business, it can be easily reached by the consumers. Get over this conception as soon as possible, if you want to compete in the market. Web is a vast ocean and your website is just a part of this vast ocean. If you wish to get yourself recognized in this vast ocean, in that case, you will have to put the best efforts which should pay. It is advisable to go for Public Relation initiatives, or taking the help of SEO experts. Through PR initiatives, you can easily market your product through conferences and events, and the SEO efforts will be invested to help the consumers find your website.

Do Set a Separate Budget for Marketing

Marketing budgets are humongous. You have to invest a lot of money to conduct an effective marketing campaign. It is highly recommended that you check the different marketing channels and accordingly pick the best ones which can help you market your product effectively. Banners, flex, pamphlets, fliers are outdoor marketing gimmicks which you can pursue. At the same time, you cannot overlook the Return on Investment. So, it is also advisable that go for online marketing campaigns. PPC, SEO can be effective tool to make your website known and reach the maximum consumers. Top brands in the e-Commerce industry are always keen to test the marketing paradigms which can best help the product get maximum hits.

Do Start With Low Budget

It is advisable that you start the business with low investment. You want to make the business sustainable and that can only happen when you have tested it from the grass-root. When you have a flourishing business, the investors would be ready to pour in more funds, but if you have taken the money to infuse in the business without knowing its implications, it would put your at the backseat. Do not be captivated by other business who are relying on external funds for their operation. Make sure that you have built your business on your own and then you are demanding the funding.

Do Listen to Your Customers

In any business, customer is the key to success and growth. But being an e-Commerce business, you must pay strong heed to whatever your customers are saying. The reviews and comments will help you analyze on your deliverables. Make sure that you are paying necessary attention to the reviews and opinions of the customers; however, you should be farsighted and rational to pick the right ones and work upon them to make your business successful.

Don’t try to be the Jack of all Trade

It is highly recommended as an e-Commerce business that you specialize your business niche. If you are good at curating the fashion trend. You just stress upon that and don’t step ahead with designing and manufacturing your own commodity. You can definitely do that in the near future, but in the very beginning, try to create a specialization because it will do a lot of good to your business. When you completely stress upon your strengths, in that case, you can easily capitalize on the market share.

Do Build a Solid Foundation before the Launch of Your Website

Before launching any new product you need to build a solid foundation. You must organize the product before the launch. You can stress upon the operational mistakes later on, but in the beginning you must leave room for correction. You cannot launch a product with all the features which the customers want, but leaving the room for the same would help you to better the product in the near future. Such a perspective would make your foundation solid. Do not rush into giving all the features all at once, it may lead to jeopardy.

Don’t Be Weak When the Product Has Turned Unprofitable

“One-day when Bill Gates visited a restaurant for a hangout with friends, the waiter told Bill Gates that you have got overnight success. To this, Bill Gates replied in a humble tone, my friend that night was very long.” You should have the same essence in your character when you have started your venture. There are chances where you will get 99.99 percent rejection but you should be bold enough to face those and learn from the mistakes. Literally, the “NO” from the customers should be a definite sentence but an abbreviated expansion, which means “Next Opportunity.” You should have enough patience to make things shape slowly and steadily and accordingly it would do wonders to your business.

Do Have a Successful Business Model

When you want to launch the product, just think once how it can better the lives of the customers. Would the customers pay for the products in the near future? You should ask this question, the main objective would be to make the customers use the product and turn them addictive towards the same. Like in Facebook, earlier it was just a socializing platform, but later on it has become a platform to market your business. You should think with the same wavelength and introduce such products which would bring about a change.

Don’t Spend Much Hours on Fruitless Business Activities

As an entrepreneur or business owner, your main aim should be to make the business scalable and growing. Just imagine if you are engaged at odd works like converting the sales and adhering to the customers for after sale service, you will not make the business scalable. You have to hire a team for that purpose, whereas, you should dedicate most of the days’ time in strategizing and developing business ideas for the betterment of your business.

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