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Customer Retention Tricks for Emerging Ecommerce Website Owners

A strategic marketing can bless you with huge traffic and maybe a bulk amount of customers. But, don’t be overconfident unless they visit your site again to buy products. Yes, it is a hot issue for most of the ecommerce where they fail to retain their customers and day by day their number of customers decrease.


So, why this happen? Is it just because of availability of so many alternatives? Are the customers not satisfied with your product quality, price, deals or any other service? Well, all of these might be responsible simultaneously; or might be it’s just a result of poor customer support.


Did you know that if you can retain 5% of your old customers, you can secure almost 30% more profit in a fiscal year?


So, let’s today have a deeper look into this matter and learn some tricks suggested from marketing experts at Cartface.


Diagnose The Reasons First

Without proper diagnosis you can’t cure a disease from its root. So, it’s very important to know why your customers aren’t revisiting your site or why they aren’t buying products from your site. There can be several reasons behind it and every reason should have its own solution. As per a statistics:

  • The biggest number of customers avoid a site to revisit due to its poor service
  • Second vital reason is poor product/service quality
  • Last reason, but not least, is they loved another site by the time


So, track your customers deeply and try to know what the reason is that is stopping them from using your site again. You should get the answer there very easily, if the research is done unbiasedly.


Limit Customer’s Expectation

It’s common strategy of any business to beat its own drum. But, don’t promise anything that you won’t provide. Also, don’t exaggerate your claims; be honest about what you can do and what you can’t. Don’t worry, people would love you once they get more than you claimed. You can expect a super feedback from your buyers if you deliver a product within one day, while you told them to deliver within 3 to 4 working days, isn’t it?


Build a Smooth Connection

Just like a brick and mortar store, you should establish a strong connection with your customers. Use a separate and unique method for this. Mostly emails and SMSs are known as the simplest and cheapest methods. But, you may have a better idea. Whatever system you follow, maintain a clear difference between your promotional mails and communication mails. It will increase the click rate on the mails/SMSs and would help you to share your thoughts with them.


Improve Customer Support System

Customer support is a crucial matter for any business where you have to handle dissatisfied customers politely and professionally and have to convince them regarding the support you can provide. It helps to create a trust about your brand and increases the chance of getting a new loyal customer. Make sure to commit them about what you actually can provide – a fake commitment can lead to serious legal issues.

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