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Creating Facebook Ads for an Ecommerce website is important

More than a billion people from all around the world are active on the social media sites and Facebook accounts for the largest cluster. You can share your moods, your memorable outings and anything you like the world to know on the Facebook. With so many active users it has also has gained fame from the e-commerce companies for advertising. No matter you are the owner of an amateur business or want to spread your established business, Facebook has the potentiality to house everybody.

Facebook doesn’t work on the basis of keywords like the Google AdWords. Facebook ads centres on age, gender, locality, search history, likes and dislikes and everything you can think of. The most important and featured characteristic is that the advertisers have the full liberty to choose his kind of viewers. This means that if a business owner is interested to sell his products in the nearby locality he can define the perimeter of the extent and publish the ad accordingly. You can also focus on a certain section of the populace depending on the age and habit like the school goers for eco-friendly schoolbags and customised carpentry tools for the DIY carpenters.

Facebook Ads doesn’t differentiate between the businessmen or the business. Anybody who wants to sell his products is eligible to advertise on the Facebook. Scroll down for more descriptions.

Potential advertisers

Anyone who is willing to advertise their products is welcomed to publish their ads on Facebook. From small ads to huge business corporates all can advertise their products. Having a Facebook page or account is not necessary for Facebook ads, however, it is advised to do, so that the viewers can be redirected to the Facebook page for further information.

What business is applicable for Facebook Ads

Every business is applicable for Facebook Ads. While formulating the ads, a lot of fields have to be fed with data making the ad extremely audience-centric. The payment of the ad depends either on CPC which is the cost per click on the new ad or on CPM which is defined as cost per 1000 impressions. The final ads are then published only on the pages and accounts targeted by the publishers. With so much concentration on the list of features for ideal viewers, the expenditure is much less than any other conventional advertising mediums. The Facebook Ads also gives out free trial option for a day so that the ad publisher can actually analyse the traffic generated on the original website or Facebook page.

The positioning of the ads

You can select the position for your ads where you want your ad to pop on the Facebook page. You can choose the positioning for the desktop view, mobile screen and the side panel or newsfeeds ads.

Options for ads

Facebook Ads gives out a wide range of option regarding the appearance of the ad. You can opt for page ads where a page has to be created regarding the products and multiproduct strip ads which gives the option for projecting multiple products. You can also post video ads for your products.

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