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Comparison between Cartface & Self hosted platform

Do you wish to set up your eCommerce business seeking individual hosting or would you like Cartface to do the job for you, keeping several maintenance aspects in mind? Keep your eyes on the key differences that separate self-hosting from Cartface’s eCommerce solutions. A line of comparison has been drawn to let you understand the primary aspects of setting up an eCommerce business either through self-hosting or with integrated support from Cartface.

Hosting Search for a renowned hosting provider alongside considering the pros-cons of hosting factors Cartface is a one stop solution providing Industry standard hosting services coupled with load balancer.
Hosting Cost Costs minimum Rs. 5000/-p.a. Cost inclusive in online business set-up (include in price)
SSL Certificate SSL certification costs Rs. 5000/ p.a. -Rs. 10000/ p.a. Provides free SSL certification
Store Setup You will find significantly higher upfront expenses and also have to bear up with a longer development span prior to the launch. The services will start with signing up on a hosted platform for a trial basis. If you are satisfied with the solutions offered by Cartface you may decide to proceed. Meanwhile you will be asked to choose a theme or template to define the look of your store.

Next you will find applications or add-ons to extend your store with multi-functional features that are not included in the core product.

The huge benefit comes with a well-rounded out of the box solution inferring to implementation of best practices. Even if you have relatively lesser ideas on ecommerce setups, Cartface doesn’t let you feel any difficulty in developing your ecommerce business. You don’t need to know that much about eCommerce to get started.

Optimising Store Self-hosting is ideal if you have an affluent budget or a decent amount of revenue. It is not recommended for low budget investments. Also you will require proper vision and expertise to deal with the outcomes. Sole team effort is required to get along in the field. Cartface is a hosted platform which runs several stores. They regularly initiate improvements to ensure websites get maximum visibility and thereby is able to earn greater revenues. Your ecommerce store is guaranteed best practices for smoother running. Cartface offers all of its subscribers the benefits of a responsive web design for further expansion in business. SEO is one of the key offerings by the ecommerce platform. With only little effort and knowledge you can become the entrepreneur of a bigger business unit, in no time.
Maintaining Store Maintenance is inevitably higher when you’re looking after things yourself. You need to keep an eye on top software updates, especially security patches, SSL certificates and responding to downtime. Maintenance is majorly looked after by Cartface Team. They will respond to downtime, look after SSL certificates, and update the platform on your behalf.
Implementation Minimum 3-4 days required for basic stores Quick response, depending on requirement
Learning Curve Learning curve can be steep Simple, 24/7 support system gives best possible aide along with tons of tutorials to give you minimum learning curve
Cost of Store Cost can be unpredictable More-or-less predictable
Hosting – Rs. 5,000.00

SSL Certificate – Rs. 10,000.00
Setup Cost – Rs. 30,000.00
Total Rs. 40,000.00

Maintenance is separately considered

Pricing for Best suitable start-up

Minimum Cost/Price per Annum is Rs. 16489/- plus Tax.

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