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Cartface POS – Enriching Retail Business Houses

An Effortless and Advanced Store Management and Billing System

Summary: This case study aims at projecting the perspectives under which circumstances Cartface POS went on to provide support to various retail stores to flourish. The challenges that Cartface POS had to face and the righteous outcome is also depicted in the case study.


Origin of Cartface POS

The road till now was not easy and filled with harsh consequences of every intensity. However, with dedicated support from the entire team of experts, slowly yet gradually, there was a silver lining for Cartface Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The initial idea of the venture started in the year 2015 with Mr. S. Banerjee heading a professional team. After implementation of multiple trial-and-tested methods, Cartface POS system was finally available in the market after a year. The first virtual store was created on 7th July 2016, which was a success right at the first go.


What Cartface POS is all about?

Cartface POS (Point of Sale) is a billing platform that is developed to meet the needs of retail store business owners. The software is operational through both online and offline mode and it is one of the many benefits of the platform. It is built on the Android OS platform and includes cloud storage as well. It is also compatible with the latest browsers available in the market. Cartface aims to serve retailers of small, medium and large scale along with restaurants. Even food counters can be benefitted at large with utilization of Cartface POS system. Some of the key functionalities of the system include easy invoicing, better inventory management, producing profit and loss reports, listing most selling products and non-moving products, proper customer management, etc.


Challenges faced by Cartface POS platform

Cartface POS didn’t surface all of a certain and a lot of planning and market surveys went into it to produce something worth a year. When the team started to interact with people to develop a system that responds to all of their questions, Cartface faced many challenges. The difficulties that Cartface POS has to face include:

  • Creating a system that is easy to understand and operate
  • A system independent of hardware dependencies
  • Security enriched system that is even effective on a local hardware
  • Real-time update and report even outside the store
  • Develop ecommerce website, counter billing and dedicated customer app
  • There was a need for a system that could answer all of these challenges and gain customer trust.


Solutions to challenges

A lot needed to be done to serve people with the best. The solution to the challenges was creating something simple, easy to understand and independent of any hardware. The solution also included reporting tools that could aid in increasing sales for the customers.

Cartface POS, hence developed, was an independent billing software. It has an inbuilt cloud storage system that records the entire data and activities intuitively and can be accessed even outside the store. These data and activities are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. The software can actively monitor and attend to three different platforms, all at once – store billing, ecommerce, and mobile app.

Starting of Cartface POS was through an ecommerce website but after garnering experience, the team came up with an application where an ecommerce website could be built within minutes. After the application, customers were looking forward to a system through which they could manage their retail counters and look after their store as well and this is when Cartfae POS came into existence. Now, ecommerce, retail store monitoring, and store management are easy through Cartface POS.


The outcome

Cartface POS has helped retailers hugely and even been an effective tool in increasing sales. The benefits that the platform provides include but not limited to:

  • Online and offline operation
  • Special offers/happy hours/ discount for customers
  • Real-time Stock management
  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Inbuilt sales order and quotation creation
  • Maintaining godown and batch
  • Barcode scanning and generation
  • Purchase entry and purchase order
  • Gift voucher for customers


What customers have to say about Cartface POS?

“We opted for a trial run to check whether Cartface POS could answer our requirements. I must say the platform is very easy to understand and operate. Even other members could glide through the entire process hassle-freely. Looking forward to long term association with Cartface.”

Arun Kumar Gupta (IPS)

DG & IG of Correctional Services, West Bengal


“I have been using the Cartface POS Billing system for some time and can confidently say, it is very easy to use. The data stays completely secured. The customer support is also appreciable, as they will get in touch with you at once in case of any difficulties. I will recommend it to everybody. Thank You Cartface as my business is growing consistently after installing the platform.”

Manish Kumar

Alliancekart, Patna, India


“We starting our bakery business in the year 2011 and with gradual expansion, started facing hindrance in account keeping. That is when we installed Cartface POS. After installing it, everything became lucid. The service is good, and the expert team will solve any problem through phone calls or online. You can remotely review the business transactions as well. I am very happy with the overall process.”

Ranjit Das

New Grissini bakery shop, Kolkata, India


“Initially, we faced difficulty in preparing huge amounts of bills manually and hence we opted for installing Cartface POS system. After installing the hardware and software, the process improved greatly. The system is very easy and comfortable to use. Record keeping and inventory managing are much easier now.”

Karma Yangden

Namsey Wholesale (Bhutan Medical Trading), Thimphu, Bhutan


Numbers matter a lot

With the total strength of 50+ members, Cartface has been on an adventure right from the beginning. Given are some figures that will help you ascertain the success of Cartface POS.

Client Strength Through Years


List of cities where Cartface POS has its presence



Some of the Respected Clients:

  • Mohendra lal Dutta
  • Correctional homes, Govt. of WB.,
  • Namsey Wholesale Bhutan


Industries covered by Cartface POS

  • Grocery
  • Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Garments
  • Mobile store
  • Footwear
  • Cake stationery

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