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Cartface’s GST Compliance Model To Fuel Your e-Commerce Store

Summary: Get to do more with Cartface e-Commerce GST compliant software system to help you stay ahead of the times.

With an action packed first week of July witnessing unprecedented economic reforms in the form of GST, many of the businesses have been vying for tax compliance. With stipulated standards set forward under the GST rules, all those businesses which are not GST compliant will have to exit the market. The fortunes seem favorable as Cartface has been all set to launch its GST compliant e-commerce website builder that will help your business function seamlessly and at par with the GST guidelines.

How Cartface will help you with GST?

Bill Generation

One of the struggle with the bill generation at this junction would be to know about the GST rates on different goods. As Cartface will be updated with latest rulings and enforcement under the GST, the rates will be updated with every minute changes made by the Finance Ministry in India. The crux is that every update would be fed in the system and you will get to the conclusion with respect to the rates. This will help you evaluate the profit and generate bills according to the prevalent tax laws.

Inventory Valuation

It might be tough for the businesses to value their inventory based on the new tax laws. But as Cartface has inducted latest POS system with GST compliance, you can easily expect that inventory valuation will not be a tough struggle for you. Keeping in tune with the latest changes in the tax system, you can easily analyze, evaluate and pass the billing that can best fit in the tax structure which will prevail after July 1, 2017.

Special Offers

You can also run special offers with Cartface GST customized pricing system. As per the GST guidelines, you can easily offer the discounts on specific products that you want to up-sale. In this pursuit, the software management system of Cartface with GST compliance will help you. Get on with the billing and price valuation easily with custom-tailored software system of Cartface

Deals of the Day

With Cartface you can also run the deals of the day at your online store. The GST computation will ensure that everything has been paid heed to and you tend to get the right solution for all your stocks and its valuation.

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