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CartFace POS stands out of the rest when it comes to offering integrated ecommerce solutions

With the demand for POS software applications increasing, virtual assistance providers are emphasizing on more integrated solutions. Today’s POS programs are showcasing features which will overwhelm you. A look into the array of choices will make it simpler for any retail business owner trying to carve a niche in the industry. When you run a Google Search, what you would find is an infinite number of answers but how would you know the options that are mentioned in the list would roll good results? In that case you don’t have to waste your time any further. There are some popular POS programs available and you could make a great move by choosing one. You can compare them with one another and of course select something relevant to your needs:

CartFace POS: One of the multiple business tools promised by Cartface is its pioneering Point of Sale software. The program has been launched keeping in accordance with individual needs. It features everything needful for your commercial unit with respect to the following:

  • Displaying products online
  • Ease of payments
  • Functioning of the ecommerce store

The CartFace POS system is luring attention of customers by promising what is mentioned below:

  • Whole sale pricing
  • Special selling price tags
  • Loyalty program

CartFace POS features an abundance of technicalities meant for leveraging your business. With this advanced POS technology you can not only display a wide range of products but can also upload unlimited images. The software also offers integrated payment gateway solutions, generating accurate reports.

Whether it is a start-up or medium scale business, Cartface POS is available to all. Entrepreneurs can make the best out of it through its business and inventory management features. Inventory tracking and location management are also among the other benefits that retailers can benefit from. It is one of the best solutions for handling bulk items, creating purchase orders and generating robust reports. Cartface POS offers customized solutions. The company itself offers 24/7 customer support to establish better relations.

SuiteCommerce: The cloud based POS system is best suited for midsized retailers. However it can also leverage large and small retail businesses. SuiteCommerce offers 360 degree view of your customer base and is developed for the touch-screen interface. The cloud based model is non-functional without the Wi-Fi. The customer service is however of poor quality.

Shopify: The POS system by Shopify is meant to handle business operations of small scale units. Targeted at mobile based customers the Shopify POS features hybrid technicalities and is entirely cloud based. However a lot of customers have already complaint about Shopify charging high processing fees for credit card transactions. Moreover, the system cannot proceed with the transaction when the wi-fi is not working. Alongside there is another problem that vendors tend to complain about. The Shopify POS doesn’t alert the vendor when an item is not available. This technical issue needs a correction. With this POS, the vendor is unable to keep an eye on the stock.

There are these basic differences that make Cartface POS one of the most sought after solutions by far-sighted entrepreneurs.

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