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Cartface Partner Program is a major incentivized way of income

Your business is now in your hands. If you want to grow economically with the help of a supportive channel, become a Cartface Partner. You will not believe this, but it’s true that Cartface has this delightful incentivised plan, designed all for you. It’s not difficult, the only thing you are required to do is refer the Cartface flagship products and you can earn in loads. There are various customised ways to gain revenue. Wondering how you can earn such handsome amounts? Get an insight now:

Reseller discount

With creation of each store, you earn good amount of revenue. The reseller discount has been mentioned below:

  • Get ₹250 for every conversion
  • Creation of store
  • Sharing of revenue
  • Seeking online marketing resources for free

When you become a Cartface partner you will receive the referral bonus, a luring way to add to your bank account while you refer a customer to Cartface.

  • Making money by referring a customer to Cartface for theme or app development
  • Added benefits for the partner who will receive Cartface brochure and visiting cards
  • Making money out of resource generation

Cartface can be a great technology partner

Cartface is one of the most instrumental platforms offering high standard theme and application integration by experts from the industry. As you refer Cartface to someone who needs theme or app development services, you get incentivised for the effort. We offer the technology partnership program where experienced and skilled developers and designers can integrate their brainstormed products with Cartface. You too can gain some money when you refer us a partner.

The Technology partner of Cartface can gain the maximum out of the following:

Optimized marketing benefits are rewarded to Technology partners of Cartface. You can now expect to see your business growth attain pace with Cartface’s unmatched marketing strategies. Other than marketing benefits, Cartface promises brand growth through its ground breaking strategies. You can rest your faith on Cartface professionals to take care of your brand image. These professionals will do the needful to ensure that your online face is uplifted. Considering how brand image plays a major role in boosting ROI, professionals deployed by the company seek result based techniques to ensure greater return on investment.

What are the basic reasons behind a successful partnership with Cartface?

The revenue that you receive on referral programs and through the conversions generated can help you take control over the industry. Here is how the eCommerce platform is leveraging partners:

  • Promote and earn for your efforts
  • Get high revenue with each and every conversion by referring others to Cartface
  • Get accounting support with respect to managing your capital and funds, only by experienced professionals
  • Sell themes and receive 80% of the revenue
  • Sell robust applications through Cartface and get up to 80% of the revenue
  • Get the transactions documented through high end technicalities

Now, become a Cartface Partner and you will find a potential source of income. The eCommerce platform has been leveraging its partners by helping them promote their products or referring the products launched by the company.

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