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Cartface offers new features for smarter inventory management


Who told that you only need an eCommerce to handle a handsome customer base? In this age of online shopping, Cartface chooses to offer you the best ever technique helping you maintain your offline presence in the smoothest way ever. As business operations are becoming vivid, entrepreneurs are seeking smarter ways to control commercial activities. There are in fact a host of businesses which are perfectly running on an offline platform. In order to boost such offline presence, eCommerce website Cartface has introduced a set-up which has been exclusively designed for businessmen interested in flourishing offline base who can readily seek services from the eCommerce platform. This is a podium which makes it possible for businesses irrespective of their size to grow consistently.

Inventory Management and the Intricacies Involved

The offline features which you are directly looking for can now be built with the help of Cartface. This is basically about maintenance of inventory through with an online approach.

Being in a time when every other aspect of commerce is backed with an online support, choosing to remain typically offline can be seriously regarded as credit to be given to enthusiasts who successfully run such businesses. If you are one of them too and will yet like to get an edge on your inventory management process then Cartface is certainly the platform you will love to hang on to. Inventory management is certainly toiling and involves a time and energy if you are particularly opting for the manual way. However the blues can be gotten rid of with the help of Cartface’s unique inventory management system.

Stay updated on stock related information

So, it is getting too much for you to keep record of the supplies and stock with just a pen and a paper, and your workers don’t seem much interested in the work because of the pressure they have to handle in scrutinizing the addition and subtraction of each unit. The smartest way you can gain knowledge about your existing stock and supplies is by setting up an online inventory management facility. This set-up will not necessarily ask you to have an eCommerce shop being built. The professionals with their extensive knowledge and expertise, will create an admin system that will essentially look after the inventory. Basically it will notify you on key matters such as stock. When the stock dips to a certain level, the system will notify you accordingly so that timely arrival of supplies can be availed. Basically the suppliers are automatically alerted with the reduction of stock so in order to refill items at the earliest possible time. As an entrepreneur you will also be notified on products stored.

Customer relation finds new meaning

Cartface’s inventory management gives you an edge over others because it keeps record of the customers stepping into your store. Basically with generation of an invoice, customer details are being noted for further reference. The date of purchase, the product purchased along with customer’s contact details are being recorded for future use. This admin arrangement also helps you notify on a particular segment of customers who are regular buyers. You can certainly gain hold over re-visits and re-purchases with the help of this new found facility. This automated service will help you maintain cordial relations with potential buyers as you can generate mails and messages where you can address them personally to visit your store for new launch, offers and discounts. Also, with this management setup you can render a feel good factor to the buyers who are visiting the shop for the first time, by generating messages that are solely dedicated as gesture of gratitude expecting a revisit sometime soon.

The user friendly admin arrangement has a dashboard which notifies you on key aspects so that you stay abreast with matters related to the inventory and customers.

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