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Cartface is the new age ecommerce platform changing dimensions for online marketing

If you search the web and check out for some of the significant ecommerce platforms in India, you will find them showcasing similar features. These platforms either hire or create their own plug-ins based on which they can lure clients. Such robust features only add to the value of the ecommerce platforms, leveraging online stores to gain from maximum exposure. The online podiums comprise built-in or outsourced features. It should ideally be an all-in-one platform that welcomes every online business aspiring to top the chart.

Cartface is one such platform studded with highly integrated ecommerce features that can leverage any business to the extent where they can run as top enterprises in respective industries. Small or medium scale, the platform can take your business forward, in leaps in bounds. It features everything required for your trade unit to grow. The best part, Cartface offers its clients, a wide range of beneficial features that can be customized according to tailored needs. Websites can be designed and developed keeping client requirements in mind.

The platform is made for your online store

Cartface takes all the effort to make your business initiative a success. It is all set to offer vendors or merchants the opportunity to make best use of its much awaited multiple vendor marketplace feature, a facet that is soon going to arrive on Cartface. This feature will let vendors sell products on your online store without the use of software or script.

Like any other major, ecommerce platform, Cartface too takes a simple operational approach when it comes to serving clients and offering customers an improved level of user experience. It offers full length solutions to each and every customer buying products or services from your store. They can seek telephonic support whenever possible. Cartface embeds this feature to your online store, from the time you opt for the trial package. The ecommerce platform leaves no stone unturned, when it comes to giving your online presence, its deserved identity. Even after completion of the trial package, you can ask the ecommerce platform to set for you its highly integrated customer support solution. This will enhance your goodwill as you will be able to sustain your customer base with highest grade support. Cartface ensures that customers do not have to waste time over the ticket raising system whenever they require support from a merchant regarding a particular product or service.

With Cartface it is easier to create an online shop; almost anyone selling quality products or services can launch a business identity that will grow with each passing day. Creating an online store is simpler and less time consuming when you are seeking support from Cartface. Upon sign-up, the user is given a trial store to operate for a set number of days. The other benefits that people get upon subscribing with Cartface have been mentioned:

  • Complete hosting
  • Shopping cart
  • Store manager
  • Built-in marketing

Cartface admin provides merchants built-in features, all of which are essential for proper functioning of the store. It is indeed one of the best ecommerce platforms operating in India.

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