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Cartface is more than just a partner, it brings you money

Cartface is undoubtedly one of the most potential tools to earn extras. Exactly! You have read it right. While you must be thinking that this is just a powerful platform to grow your business, there is some more to the story. Well! This online podium influences your ROI to a great extent, rolling in more money for you. The partner program by Cartface is one of a kind.

When you focus only on your online store, you are sure to succeed the marketplace but what if you would know that there is yet another potential source of income that only Cartface can offer? When earning more money becomes a desire and you are aware of the fact that there is huge support coming your way, you don’t simply need to look back anymore.

Here is why Cartface can become you Channel partner?

When you want to earn more and there is only just a single source that you can see, Cartface opens your eyes to new channels. No, you do not have to invest huge amount of money or resources, just to earn that amount. It can be as simple as referring Cartface products to others. You will not believe this but it’s true that you will be incentivised in leaps and bounds. The tailor-made revenue earning channel should be used as a major source of income.

Through Cartface you can earn your revenue as a partner. Let us see how:

Reseller discount: Cartface has luring ways to grab attention of its partners. Each partner is given the opportunity to earn extras every time they are able to create a store. If you have some great marketing strategies to implement, you can do it and at the same time earn extras. Propagate your marketing ideas and Cartface will help you earn a handsome amount of money. Upon every lead that gets converted you can gain up to Rs 250.

Then there is referral bonus which you simply cannot miss out on. Your bank account starts to roll in more money whenever you refer someone to Cartface. So, what are the basic ways you can earn the extras?

  • Receive commission for theme and application development
  • Earn through resource generation
  • Get free Cartface brochure and earn some visiting cards

Cartface can be your technology partner

You can now make the most out of Cartface as it is a highly utilitarian platform that allows theme and app integration by experts. Whenever you refer Cartface for theme and application development you are incentivised generously. As a technology partner you can integrate products such as apps and themes with the eCommerce platform and get them sold at a luring rate. You will be rewarded around 80% of the revenue. Now, who else will do this for you?

Even if it is about expanding your business, Cartface can be a great partner offering all kinds of support you need to help it grow. The eCommerce platform recommends on the best marketing approach which can prove beneficial in taking over the marketplace.

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