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Cartface is a hub for all types of eCommerce benefits

The business landscape of today is controlled mostly by the online media. With each passing day, ecommerce is gaining more strength, taking over offline marketing practices. As the competition is getting higher, ecommerce platforms are being enabled with richer features to comply with the ever increasing demands. From creating the pre-ordering option to working on a highly integrated warehousing feature and everything in between developers are focussing on various technical aspects, assuring better management of ecommerce businesses. The competitive scenario demands ecommerce store owners to seek the A-level route for maximising sales potential.

Cartface, a leading ecommerce platform is taking over the web with its vibrant features to boost electronic commerce. Unlike earlier days, when it would get really tough to establish an online presence, today’s world showcase a different scenario. Cartface developers are constantly working on ground-breaking designs and development strategies to boost businesses from different aspects.

So, here is why Cartface is a top choice among ecommerce store owners:

  • The functionality of the website is fast
  • A single click is enough to get the most out of Cartface. Known for its easy to use features, Cartface can be used even by amateurs
  • Faster loading of websites on different platforms
  • Auto backup to promise seamless storing of data and information on secure servers
  • Faster search results from backend and front end
  • 100% security enabled platform, through SSL certification

For those looking forward to a dynamic ecommerce website can benefit highly from the following:

  • A highly professional ecommerce website that will start up and run in minutes
  • Dynamic display of banner on website
  • Control over website’s CSS and HTML
  • Device friendly and fully responsive websites
  • Designers who eagerly discuss important aspects related to website development

While looking for an ecommerce website ecommerce shop owners will want to get in touch with a platform that promises safe and secure hosting. In that case Cartface offers intelligent hosting features, which make it a reliable podium to launch an online store. Check out the benefits here:

  • Faster domain registration
  • Choose from a wide range of preferable domain names
  • Make the maximum out of lightning speed data transfer
  • Based on a progressive framework enabled with CGI, PhP, Perl, RoR, MySQL

Cartface is more than an online platform offering rich web development features. The podium has been engineered to offer other benefits as well. Take for instance you cannot thank enough for its robust marketing strategies. Well-wired and highly professional, Cartface deploys a team of professionals who will take care of your marketing needs.

  • You get the opportunity to add as many web pages you want and get them categorised properly
  • Google Analytics to help you drive enormous traffic
  • Integrated blogging solutions to engage traffic towards more leads
  • Email extraction through newsletters
  • SEO friendly structure of links
  • Site map and robot.txt is enabled to ensure quick crawling
  • Quicker generation of discount coupons to establish strong marketing strategies

Coming to the ecommerce part, Cartface offers cutting edge, store management features. The online stores are managed from time to time for faster and effective generation of revenue. Every minute the store is updated with the latest

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