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Best Practice to maintain an Ecommerce Website

5 Website Maintenance Issues That Can Collapse Your Business Graph

Websites aren’t mechanical – still they need regular maintenance! Sounds weird, right? Overlook this process and it will slow-poison your customers.

Developing and launching an awesome website don’t finish your task; you have to invest time regularly to keep it running smoothly. There are so many factors that needs frequent attention, avoiding which will directly affect the overall performance of the website. Well, if you have selected any website builder like Cartface, some of the tasks will be taken care of by their team and definitely it will keep you few steps ahead.

So, what kind of maintenance does an ecommerce website generally require? Well, it can be a long list if we go in details. But, there are some common factors that affect most of the sites badly. Here are some of the major ones.

H-Tag Issue

Google doesn’t check websites manually – it uses tools. So, if your website isn’t structured exactly as Google suggests, it will fail to read and understand your website. As consequence, your site would be flagged as improper and definitely it won’t rank on search engines. What to do? Check whether you have used right H-Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.) in the right place in right number.

Broken Links

It’s a very common issue in ecommerce websites. You added a new product and a new URL is generated; now after few weeks you removed the product, and forgot to remove the URL. When Google’s bot revisits your site, it finds no result for the URL and marks it a ‘broken link’. It affects your search engine rank badly and you lose valuable organic points.

Page Redirection

May be you have found a spelling mistake in your URL or want to make it more SEO-friendly. Popular ecommerce platforms like Cartface offer your easy option to re-edit your URL. But, what about the promotion that you did against the URL? People will click on those links and when they will be reach your website, they’ll get an ‘Oops!’ error, while you still have the page – with a different name (URL). Simply use 300 permanent redirection and get the value of your promotion back.

Speed Improvement

As you go, your number of products will increase and so do number of images, text, code and so on. As a result, it will fill up your server space, will make the pages heavy and definitely will increase the page loading time – a big warning sign for you! As per a survey report, today’s net surfers are too impatient to wait 6 seconds to allow the page to load; they will jump to another website. What’s the solution? Appoint a designer, burn/compress the images, remove unwanted codes, install code-zipper and you can successfully free up a lot of space in your server – may be up to 30%. Also, you can upgrade your Cartface package where you’ll get higher bandwidth which will ensure smooth performance even during the peak times of the day when thousands of customers visit your website.

Fixing Security Loopholes

During the first days of any website, it’s the honeymoon period when they can enjoy a risk-free business. But, as you start getting more traffic, you become a target of the hackers and cyber criminals. So, you must have to take measures to protect your website and customers’ valuable data from those threats. Consult with our experts and they will guide you how.

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