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Best Ecommerce Platform Comparison for Online Businesses

How to Choose Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Low-Budget Business

Every brick-and-mortar business has understood the value of having online presence. It gives you massive opportunity to spread your business with least maintenance cost and still it can stay active 24 hours.


However the secrete to real success of your e-store lies in selecting the right platform. There are so many choices you have and all have some pros and cons. You have to identify the most appropriate channel that can bring the cherry on the cake without much investment or complexity.


Considered majorly, you have two options – choosing any customise-and-use type ecommerce website builder like Cartface or developing a custom website from scratch using any of the popular technologies like Magento, CodeIgniter, Joomla etc.


So, What Are The Benefits of Choosing Website Builders?

This is one of the simplest, quickest and probably the most cost efficient ways to launch your website. You don’t need to understand those complex technical matters, no coder is required and still you can get a full functional ecommerce for your business.


Any person with minimum knowledge of internet and browser can create their website on their own within few minutes. Just create an account on any of the top shopping site builder platforms like Cartface, give your business name, choose a theme, upload pictures of your products, insert the details of the products, link up with your bank and launch. As simple as it sounds.


Then, Why Do Businesses Choose Custom Website?

Well, there are businesses which go for custom developed website exclusively for their business. The most important thing is you get a personalised platform – exactly as you want. Secondly, you can develop complex features to track and revive your hibernated customers more effectively.


However, no need to mention that it comes with a bigger price tag. You need to deal with those technical guys, have to make them understand what you exactly want, have to take decisions on what server, what technology, what features you want and more. Also, you have to wait months to get it developed and then have to employ a team to do torture-test the infant application to check whether it has any flaw and then have to spend some more time to fix them.


Are Those Off-The-Shelf Websites Reliable?

If you have chosen a reputed platform like Cartface, definitely it would be reliable. Why? Because these platforms aren’t developed by some mere coders – they have full team of experienced business executives who develop the outline of the core features and test them thoroughly to make sure it is working fine to revive, retain and convert visitors successfully.


As the full team work on this particular platform, check the complaints regarding bugs and improvement suggestions of the clients and implement them regularly, it adds value to the product taking it to a mature level.


At Cartface our team works consistently to improve it through rectifying the issues, adding new features, updating latest changes of taxation rules, upgrading security and implementing new methods to make it super-powerful shopping site. Just sign up today and give it a try for 14 days completely for free.

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