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Basics of the website optimization for a novice and the aim of optimization

Do you have any idea about the website optimization? If not, then this content can help you as a guide to the beginner. When you are going to ask anyone about the website optimization, they may confuse this with the SEO or Search Engine Optimization. However, truly speaking, SEO and website optimization are completely different terms, although they complement each other.

What is a web site optimization?

Website optimization is the improvement of the performance of the website in a systematic way with the aim of meeting the business objectives. The objectives or the goals might be different among leads or sales or maybe to reduce customer service phone calls, but all of them are to make the website more effective that in turn fulfils the objectives.


The processes included in website optimization are

  • Ideas – qualitative response from visitors can help with the information about the causes behind the poor performance. A list for the causes can be made.
  • Prioritize – the list should be taken into prioritization and think about the necessary changes that you require for improving the performance.
  • Test – testing the performance before and after the changes are made will help to get the result of the changes.
  • Analyse – the analysis part helps in the confirmation about the testing data and the hypothesis, those are required.
  • Optimize – in this part, both the positive and negative impacts are important and try to get inspirations or lessons from them.

The testing of the websites to improve the performance may include certain key elements to look for. These key elements are:

  • The key messages or the headline.
  • The visual media like the photography or video.
  • Display of customer case studies prominently that depicts the success of the product or service.
  • The appearance of the website on a mobile device as seen by a visitor.
  • Functionality of social sharing of the site.
  • The style or the text or the size of a placement of call to action or directive button etc.


The proper website optimization is required for the benefit of the business and analysis and optimization of the web page can help in getting the desired results. Depending on the nature of the websites, the aim of optimization varies. Some websites are meant for only sharing information whereas others have the options of filling up of forms or the billing through online payment gateway etc.

So, based on the nature of the website, the optimization goals can be:

  • Online news website or publication aims at increasing the number of readers.
  • Software company websites are intended for increasing the potential clients for using the free trial version by signing up.
  • Online e-commerce sites aim at increasing amount of transactions and repeat purchases.
  • Insurance company website will try to increase the number of potential leads for insurance coverage sales.
  • An education centre website will aim at increase in the number of admissions to their centres through online payment etc.

Apart from that many other varieties of websites are found and each one have different objectives. However, the role of SEO or Search Engine Optimization in the website promotion is noteworthy and is another part of the web optimization.

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