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Apps that help leading ecommerce platform, Cartface render quality business solutions

Businesses are going online to attain global exposure. As electronic commerce is taking over conventional trading a growing number of storeowners are seeking this platform in order to gain wider visibility. Several technologies are involved in the making and promotion of online stores. Various tools are being developed each day with an aim to drive traffic and generate leads. With the evolution of Cartface, a lot of store fronts are being able to run, successfully.

Cartface plugins and apps are helping ecommerce storefronts drive footfall and generate sales. Moreover these applications are encouraging re-purchases. If you are already amazed to learn about this fact, here take a quick look at the highly functional applications which have made Cartface one of the most chosen platforms among a plethora of options:

Login User Price: Cartface being a premium ecommerce platform has brought for its customer base, an app that presents a discounted price for products to customers who frequently purchase from a particular storefront. The attractive prices shown are much lesser than what is displayed on website. In order to make the most out of such discounted price, customers will need to log into the website.

PayUbiz: This is a plugin offering dynamic switching. It also features the much rewarding intelligent retry option so that a particular store is able to enjoy greater conversion rates. Loaded with an array of payment modes, PayUbiz aims at generating smoother transactions. PayUbiz is enabled with security features that promise safekeeping of data and information. Also it allows regular visitors to make lesser usage of the CVV code.

Social Share: Social media marketing is one of the most functional business strategies in use. It is paving way for a bigger customer base and greater conversion rates. Social media helps vocalize brands and Cartface has brought for you its social share plugin, which once connected with the store will bestow the business with a lot of benefits. The highly functional drop-down feature of the plugin gives way for a smoother user experience.

Category wise Product: a user friendly interface drives major attention. Cartface has introduced the category wise product plugin, for storefronts that want to offer its customer base a rewarding experience. The filter plug-in helps save time. Entrepreneurs can vividly showcase a wide range of products. Users can not only save time but money as well since they will be shown items, category wise. The plugin features segments on products and helps organize the store front.

Purchase Order: Proper monitoring or surveillance of orders is essential for better administering of business strategies. Small or big, companies can make the most out of the purchase order plugin which continuously keeps track on the inventory. The plugin features a “minimum re-ordering level” and as soon as the inventory reaches this limit, the store owner is send a message or alert notification.

Cartface has a plethora of apps meant to boost businesses. These apps are designed keeping key trade strategies in mind. They help generate leads. Take a look at the various other plugins Cartface has up its sleeves:

  • Multiple Store
  • Brand
  • Aftership Tracking API
  • Latest Product
  • Flash Sale
  • Pay Invoice Online
  • Wallet
  • Filter Menu
  • Back in Stock Notification
  • Limit Purchase Qty
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Barcode
  • Deals of the Day
  • Video
  • Mega Menu
  • Mailchimp Mailcampaign
  • Featured Category
  • Social Login
  • Report
  • Wish List
  • Zopim Chat
  • Most Popular Product
  • Initial Order Discount
  • Product Cross Sells
  • Filter by Price
  • Product Up-Sells
  • Review and Rating
  • Category Filtering
  • Advertisement
  • Website Translator
  • Bundle Product
  • Similar Product

Such robust features make Cartface the leading ecommerce platform.

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