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A Survey giving an insight to the errors and inerrancy in the ecommerce world

With ecommerce blogs becoming the call of the hour, entrepreneurs are seeking new strategies to improve upon this online approach. An insight to the scenario will help anyone gain a better understanding of what readers like and what they seem to dislike. All that data and information gathered from the survey are made to use for a better purpose.

Upon asking some basic demographic questions based on gender, an outline could be ascertained. The question that was asked at first was the age of readers. Most of the respondents had crossed 45 years. Major responses came from those belonging to the 65 age group. In fact it was surprising that the answers came less from the 25 years segment.

The second question of the survey was with regards to the industry the readers belonged. The popular question gave an insight to the fact that there were more than 1500 individuals responding to it with majority of them belonging to the fashion and apparel segment.

The survey went on as people were asked to rate their abilities. It was majorly conducted to understand the regular struggles and weaknesses that readers have to experience on a daily basis. Furthermore the assessment was mainly aimed at helping readers get more useful content. People have already started taking this seriously; now content is developed keeping readers’ interest in mind. Upon further queries the surveyors came to the conclusion that respondents from the marketing segment were the ones who have to struggle more.

In course of time it was revealed that respondents hailing from different industries had to focus on key areas like:

  • Key concepts on what to vend
  • Driving traffic to the store
  • Converting visitors into potential buyers
  • Taking hold of finance, inventory and logistics
  • Customer retention and convincing them to revisit and repurchase products from the same store
  • Entrepreneurship, time and stress management

Your aim as an entrepreneur is to set goals that would lead to bigger sales. In course of this, strategic implementation of concepts that would not only drive traffic but turn them to potential customers, deserves to top the list. Traffic generation and conversion should remain one of the key objectives of the strategy. There seems a huge number of entrepreneurs who are focussing on customer retention. Re-purchase is the key to huge generation of revenue and that too for lesser investment because entrepreneurs do not have to bear greater acquisition cost and yet can enjoy more sales. Isn’t it quite rewarding to score a sale after sale without bearing excess costs?

Close to your first, and yet not successful?

This can be an instance in your life as well. The first sale is something everyone wants to remember. So, one of the questions during the survey was about that single factor which prevented the first sale from happening. While most of them blamed themselves for failure over FB ads, others talked about not being sure if their website would work well. Besides, shipping issues also posed as barrier to a potential sale.

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