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9 Simple Ways of Writing a Unique Product Description for the Online Stores

The attention span of a reader, consumer or an audience has drastically reduced in this age of technology. We do not devote much time as we go through the different web pages. So, while writing an e-commerce product description we need to play with the psychology of the modern consumers. Consumers of different age, background and ethnicity have diverse mindset and the online store’s product description must be written keeping these crucial aspects in mind. Again, unique and informative content compel the consumers to be convinced about purchasing the product and thereby adding to sales proportion of the e-commerce store.

These are some of the incredibly simple methods of writing an e-commerce product description so the visitors get convinced to add the product to the cart:

1. Product Knowledge

It is crucial to know the product background elaborately in order to deliver an attractive and convincing product description to the existing and the possible consumers. Most often the products sold on an e-commerce store are supplied by the wholesalers who does not have proper knowledge about the product. So, to avoid inaccurate product description go for a detailed research about the product.

2. Comprehending the Target Customer Base

Not understanding your target consumer base can spell disaster for product content writer. Be sharp and accurate while judging your customer base and then tailor the tone and style of the content in accordance with the customer base. For example, if you are writing the description about a baby product then the tone will be agile and responsible.

3. Be Realistic

Like in the real world, there is no scope for an aggressive sale person also in the virtual world making all sort of absurd claims. Never promise unrealistic things to the consumers.Always offer a complete and straightforward product description. Since e-commerce offers a refund, exchange and return, a compelling yet a pragmatic product description help to save a lot financially on the part of the e-commerce store.

4. Merging the Golden Keywords with the Unique Content

An innovative and absorbing product description will never reach the target customer base if it does not rank high on Google. By adhering to unique product description concept the description writer is already overcoming the hurdle of Google’s Panda test for duplicity. But for converting the e-commerce store visitors into customers’ keyword play a major role. So, drive more traffic to the e-commerce store by including few keywords in the unique product description. But do not be over zealous as few keywords are enough to create a big buzz.

5. Providing Social Media Proof to Product Description

Providing social media proof to the product descriptions can be a very handy way of psychological persuasion of the consumers. It not only elaborates the genuineness of the product but also inspires a sense of confidence in the buyers. Social media proof actually ensures that existent people like the product. Consumers today are internet savvy and the collective intelligence of the e-commerce consumers empowers the potential customers with adequate information and genuine reviews about the particular product they want to buy before it is even purchased.

6. Combine Product Features and Benefits

The possible buyer of a product is well aware of the chief product features so something new needs to be provided to the consumers. A smart product description writer strikes an instant chord with the consumers by elaborating benefits of the product features.

7. Ensure the Use of Superior Quality Products Photos

Now, the first question that might arise is the need for a high-quality photograph of the product in the description. Innovative product photography adds that extra oomph to a product description.

8. Avoid Errors by Proofreading

Error in writing a product description is always a possibility. So, before going live with the description get proofreading done. Even a minuscule mistake on an e-commerce site looks huge and it can be a trigger for a potential sales drop.

9. Ensure Readability

Common masses like comprehensible, coherent and simple write up. So, try to make the tagline, opening line and the title as readable as possible. This broadens the scope for product sale to a great extent.

Authentic and compelling product description make the e-commerce entity more credible and lucrative and the above aspects make the product more exclusive yet accessible. It is a hard work to sell a product based on the description but it is definitely attainable through a consumer-centric approach.

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