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9 Businesses Run by Badass Multitasking Super-Moms

If you have been thinking as a house-wife that you cannot run a business, in that case, it is the right time to think again as bad-ass moms have been driving the economy as this while. If you feel the urge to start something new, it is high time to take the stake and invest your money for greater multiplication in the long run. In this blog, you will come to know about few bad-ass multitasking super-moms who have been creating the ways to inspire the next in the line.

Pretty Presets

The online shop selling pre-made alteration room which has been known to save the time of the customers for the purpose of photo-editing. Laura’s story depicts that how she overcome all the criticism and emerged victorious with her breakthrough idea of getting the images edited all on your own. You have to just use this software system and everything will be a cake walk with respect to the photo-editing.

Patricia Bright

The founder of Y-hair mom says that it was always tough to think about financial freedom. In order to take her pursuit of earning handsomely, Patricia went on with her hobby of blogging suggesting the people to buy the best hair extensions. Her blogs on vlogger have been helping most of the individuals who are cautious with respect to the hair styling pick the best extensions. When you have some experts to help you pick up the best hair extension, it will always make you happier and fashionable.

Hawthorne Collection

The grand initiative by Leslie Plank & Stacy Gnewkowski with an investment of US$300 and a glass of wine took their fortunes to a new high. At present with 8000 packages shipped from their home and two retail stores owned by Hawthorne collection in two different cities, it is certainly good going for both these ladies. The best part about the collection store is the functionality and ease granted. For busy moms with their kids, they can end up at the store shop for good and even keep the babies with the babysitters in the store. The ease is the USP of the store. You can get everything with which you can easily enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience.

Mommy Sauce

The founder of Mommy Sauce Jainam took her passion to the next level with this venture. She taught the world that growing up with 11 kids to take care of and investing your time in the kitchen on cooking the best savories can help you make money. With both Korean and American exquisites on the platter, it is an exceptional experience with what you can begin the day.

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