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5 Tips to Increase Conversion in Your Ecommerce


If you have enough money and a clean plan, launching a shopping website and attracting traffic won’t be a big challenge. But, the real issue is converting them. As per statistics, only 20% of visitors finally get converted in the popular websites.


But, if your website is new in the market, there is a good chance the ratio of conversion would be even low. So, how to overcome this situation? Should you offer huge discount making great loss? Should you wait years to make your website popular? Well, obviously these aren’t the solution. So, here are some simple guides for new ecommerce owners.


Put Yourself in Customer’s Shoe

You have great attachment and love to your own ecommerce and that’s natural. This is where we overlook several issues. So, it is better you go for a thorough testing by professional testers to know what improvements you can do. And yes, always pay special attention to the checkout page, as most of the visitors bounce from this place.


Simply the Checkout

Probably you don’t want to stick the regular online buyers. You should try to create new customers as they would be more loyal to your website. So, make the checkout process as simple as possible so that even the new customers don’t feel it difficult, long, confusing or boring. It should give all the information in a precise way still keep everything well understandable by novice users.


Compel to Create Account

A very good option to track your customer and push several customized offers time to time is to compel your visitor to create an account. Well, it shouldn’t appear very bluntly; use trick to motivate the client creating account. There are websites where you may find pop-ups with discount codes on creating account and verifying it. You can develop more creative ways as well.


Go Mobile

As per statistics, people those have eCommerce app in their smartphone buy more frequently. So, it is always better to backup your shopping website with a tempting app with simple user interface and excellent look and feel. However, make sure the app has the same color theme as the website to put a coherent brand feeling.


Integrate Payment Options

Don’t leave the payment part weak with only few options. Integrate as much payment options as possible and check all the payment options with real transactions to ensure all are working fine. Also back up every step with precise yet clear information about what to do and what no to.

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