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4 Must Have POS Reports for Your Business

Congratulation on your purchase of a brand new POS billing system. Now you should have an effortless billing along with other features that will enhance customer experience and store management as well. The advanced POS billing is directed towards supporting your store management and keep everything in place.

The present POS system is effective in different platforms like smartphones and tablets that have given away the usage of paperwork partially or completely. One of the many aspects that have given a new edge to business houses is the generation of reports. A POS device can be programmed to deliver reports on daily, monthly or annual intervals. Various reports can be obtained from the POS billing system that projects different shades of your business.

Which reports should your POS be showing? This write-up will give an explanation of what should you be expecting from a POS billing system.

How does the Entire System Work?
A POS is not just a fancy software helping you in billing the items purchased by the customers, but it comes with a handful of provisions that will assist in profit building as well. The POS records all kinds of transactions taking place at a single store or different branches, maintains the stock and even manages online orders. Along with these, customer preferences and the shelf life of a product can also be ascertained through POS billing system.

Your POS system accumulates the available data and organises them into different report formats. These either are sent on mail at a specific interval or can be accessed through the admin online remotely. Depending on the report, effective store decisions can be taken.

Reports Offered by POS Billing Systems
Customisation has provided some integral part to a POS system. You can add or subtract the number of reports you want for your business house. Through these reports, you can understand various sectors of your business that includes sales, payments, inventory and customers.

Sales Reports
This is the basic and primary report that you can avail from a POS billing system. You will be entitled to get a detailed sales report projecting the core value of your business. For instance, you will know what brings in business, when is your store accessed the most or what do your customers likes the most. You can also get a grip over the product that is taking space in your shelf.

Payment Reports
Sales show the growth of your business but what matters the most is the amount that you actually receive by selling the products. When you use POS for your business, you get access to a number of reports that includes the exact amount of cash flow taking place in your business, the maximum favourable transaction mode used by the customers.

With the entire details of payment report at your expense, you can have a deep evaluation of the discounted items and your profit percentage. You can look into cash events, taxes, discounts, favourable transaction modes etc.

Inventory Reports
All of the POS billing software offers inventory reports that help in the stock keeping of your store. This report offers the stock of your store and sales carried out at the store. You will come to know about the items available in your store, inventory quantity, values and the ones that you are running low. You will get reports on reorder, inventory value reports and real-time tracking reports of your inventory.

Customer Reports
You can keep a record of your customer profiles like their name, purchase history, favourite items, regular customers etc. Through this process, you can initiate targeted marketing campaigns with fruitful leads. You can also carry on loyalty programs for enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.

To Conclude with
In this digitally enhanced world, you need to keep up with the market trends and the technologies used widely. This will help you in customer satisfaction, retention and even support you in getting new customers. These were some of the basic reports a POS billing software like the one offered by Cartface Technologies Pvt Ltd. can offer. However, you can also seek for customization after having a consultation with a professional team.

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