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10 Low Cost Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Business


You have just started your business and you simply think it’s too small for you to even imagine of an expansion right from the start. Well! Hold it right there. You cannot expect drastic growth, but it is not a sin to imagine your business grow over a certain period of time, at least with the right knowledge of modern marketing practices you are sure to make it big.

Now that you have your ecommerce store in hand, all you require doing is focussing on your marketing strategies and being consistent in your approach. The right mix can give you a steady start. Okay so you are worried about costs and do not have much of a budget to expend on. Wait a minute! Are you thinking this is not going to work? Come on do not be a spoilsport when you have already gone ahead burning the midnight oil. Of course there are ways you ecommerce store i going to experience rise. The best part is that these little tricks are simple.

Customer service

Getting hold of new customers is important, but retaining customers is even more essential. One of the best ways you can retain your customer base is by catering to them with good after sales service. This is what most businesses tend to lack and if you can get a hold of it, bingo! You become the winner. Remember offended customers don’t return so, just work on service improvement and you are sure to find the difference. One of the best budget ways you can get them glued to you is by offering gifts as a small gesture of gratitude. Be it even the tiniest ever thing that you have latched with the product, it sure is going to bring smiles.

Personalised customer addressing

Perhaps you can only imagine personalised handwritten notes as love letters you have had written to the next door girl. Today, this can be a master-piece, a gem of an idea to address your customers. When you give a hand written note, you basically lend a personal touch to the gesture that goes along with the purchase or sale process. Say, a handwritten script of “Thanks” or just adding name of the customer can even bring a tear of joy. It gives them an idea about how much you care.

Email Marketing

So, everyone has stopped talking about email marketing these days and you think its dead by this time? Think again. There are a whole lot of websites or ecommerce stores resorting to email marketing. Low cost and still workable! Wow! What else would you want to have? Get your setup for email marketing now and the journey is sure going to be smooth.


It can be new to you, but actually a lot of businessmen are using this simple strategy which involves analysis of product purchases and then promoting a different product which is over all related to the commodity that has been previously bought by a customer. It’s simple! Suppose a customer buys a bed-sheet from your store. All you will need is creating a segment for customers who have already purchased bed-sheets, so you can push the pillow cases too. Well, don’t make it a force selling. Just send out the options. To introduce your strategy, Mailchimp is going to act fine. It will do everything to create email campaign for promotion of discounts and offers on pillow cases.

Automated emails

If you have already read about email marketing and are likely to seek this is as an opportunity to grow then the one thing you must not miss out on is automated emailing. For a more effective result, you can add an edge to your marketing campaign by sending automated mails. Suppose one of your customer’s birthdays is approaching, send an automated mail, giving him best wishes or if the person has signed up with you for quite some time, you can send an email congratulating him. You can send a discount code or some lovely voucher with the email.

Knowledge is wealth

So, should you think of spreading knowledge on a subject with none other than your customers? This is going to be one of the biggest tools for you to gain trust of your customer base. It is not just about selling a product. Create personalised content on a product with the knowledge you have gathered so far and establish yourself.


Have you heard about HARO? This is probably one of the most effective and sophisticated platforms for you to make use of. It is called Help A Reporter Out. With this tool you can put forward the knowledge you have gathered or your own story in front of reporters. You will be asked questions relevant to the subject on, which you have knowledge.

Source Bottle

This is again similar to HARO where reporters ask queries. All you will require is signing up and you will be sent email digest where latest queries are posted.


This is interesting! Basically you have only thought that by sharing knowledge you will be able to get close to growth. Yes, this is undoubtedly the right path but there is yet another parallel way you are going to achieve your aim. It’s through partnership. When you enter into alliance you are likely to benefit from the customer base that your partner has. No matter if your customer base is limited and you let your partner enjoy that, you can further your reach by getting hold of what your collaborator already has. Work in a team to make the most out of some valuable strategies.

Referral Programs

This is an exciting and low cost way you can expand your business. Let your customers speak for you or take the marketing initiative through referral programs. Your existing customer base can pave way for better marketing. They would spread the word about you; but there is supposed to be some incentive that will add to the perk. An individual referral program is the simplest and it gets all the more effective with a result based tool like “Pay with a Tweet”.

There is nothing known as impossible. You can seek simple and useful tricks to make your ecommerce site, a big hit.

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